questionshave you bought a woot tote? how's the quality?


Totes are well made, but not worth the price IMO.. If they were $8, I'd buy them regularly, but as it stands they are not worth the price tag to me.

If I ever have a Woot Coupon that is soon to expire and a Tote is available, I'd probably use it on one.


@theoneill555: wash them! I had my Nevermore sneak into the wash and it came out looking just like the day I got it in the mail. These things are solid- love 'em!


When did the price go up? I have three ( Bag of Crap, Shakespeare A to Z, and Over-Encumbered ) and there are pretty sturdy and hold a lot of crap. I love mine but refuse to use them all the time - they might get dirty. :)


I have this one ( and I really like it, but then I bought it for the pattern more than anything. It's made of a sturdy canvas but it's smaller than I realized it was going to be, but then again, I don't think I really paid attention to the measurements. I think it's sewn well and has nice handles. It will get used, that's all that matters. Again, I got it because of the turtle pattern, so if you like the kitchen warfare one, go for it!


The totes are good quality cotton canvas that are very well made, with reinforced seams. There's nothing flimsy about them, but I don't know how the imprinted design holds up to washing in hot water. Mine have been washed in cool water and they are fine.


I got my brother This Tote for trick-or-treating. I liked the quality in it and it had a solid glow. Funfortunately it's been sitting in the cupboard waiting for halloweenie season again. Now that I think about it though, he was swinging it around a lot while trick-or-treating, for what that's worth. I don't remember being un-impressed though :P