questionshave you bought a woot tote? how's the quality?


I got my brother This Tote for trick-or-treating. I liked the quality in it and it had a solid glow. Funfortunately it's been sitting in the cupboard waiting for halloweenie season again. Now that I think about it though, he was swinging it around a lot while trick-or-treating, for what that's worth. I don't remember being un-impressed though :P


The totes are good quality cotton canvas that are very well made, with reinforced seams. There's nothing flimsy about them, but I don't know how the imprinted design holds up to washing in hot water. Mine have been washed in cool water and they are fine.


I have this one ( and I really like it, but then I bought it for the pattern more than anything. It's made of a sturdy canvas but it's smaller than I realized it was going to be, but then again, I don't think I really paid attention to the measurements. I think it's sewn well and has nice handles. It will get used, that's all that matters. Again, I got it because of the turtle pattern, so if you like the kitchen warfare one, go for it!


When did the price go up? I have three ( Bag of Crap, Shakespeare A to Z, and Over-Encumbered ) and there are pretty sturdy and hold a lot of crap. I love mine but refuse to use them all the time - they might get dirty. :)


@theoneill555: wash them! I had my Nevermore sneak into the wash and it came out looking just like the day I got it in the mail. These things are solid- love 'em!


Totes are well made, but not worth the price IMO.. If they were $8, I'd buy them regularly, but as it stands they are not worth the price tag to me.

If I ever have a Woot Coupon that is soon to expire and a Tote is available, I'd probably use it on one.