questionsdid you take advantage of early voting today?


I mailed in my absentee ballot about a week ago.


PVBM status, I spend the time between when I receive my ballot and until election day to research and study as much as possible before voting. I didn't used to do this, but I just started looking at the actual text of the propositions instead of only the summary and analysis provided from the state (what I did before). We have 11 state and 3 county propositions this year and my brain is getting turned into mush by this stuff.

I turn in my filled-out ballot in person on voting day and pick up my "I Voted" sticker to give to my niece.


Thanks for the heads up. I need to go downstairs and see if they have early voting booths set up here at City Hall. There's a lot of people unhappy with some recent decisions by our local government and there are some propositions ion the ballot that I expect will bring an unusually high voter turnout this time around. Plus of course that president thing. :)


@cardinalsfan: So you are good with whatever the rest of us decide? Thanks for ceding me your vote!


Not yet, but I approve of this reminder.


Yup...time to make a change.


@moondrake: well, when there isn't anyone I want to vote for what choice do I have?


@cardinalsfan: The best of what's available. Making no choice is choosing to let others choose for you. Also, I can tell you that communities with low voter turnouts suffer for it in all kinds of ways, as the politicians aren't going to take any risks or spend any political capital on securing resources for people who don't bother to vote.. That's one of the problems suffered by the city I live in, we vote contrary to the political will of the state, and consequently our elected officials are free to ignore us and route funding to the majority party communities that voted them in.


@cardinalsfan: Don't worry. Without having to show an ID to vote, maybe someone can just go use yours if you don't plan on using it yourself.


No, not an early voter here. I wait until I can hear the debate on my local issues first.


Got my ballot today; we're turning them in tomorrow at the county because we don't want to pay 65¢ each to mail them.