questionshave you ever listened to an album that was so…


REM would be my answer. Well, not to the extent you're talking about, because I know I listened to their other stuff. But none of it came close to blowing me away like Murmer did.


Guns N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction. It was mostly downhill from there.


Celine Dion, The Colour of My Love. But it has only gotten better from there.

Sorry, the allergy medication must be messing with my head.


@cowboydann you nailed it with built to spill and king crimson. Same thing happened to me.
love both bands discographies tho.
also, dredg - leitmotif


Boston's first album is still the best selling debut album. It's hard to follow up something like that, and they didn't. :(


MeatLoaf's Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell
I can sing all the songs while they are playing, Its a good album to play while doing a match 3 game or Torch 2


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I don't think I have had any that I didn't want to listen to more, though I've had plenty of disappointment between first album and second album so maybe I should. I've had artists I don't want to share with people out of a weird form of greed. Damien Rice comes to mind.


That's like going on a date with someone and having it go so well you don't want to go on another.

I don't think I've ever loved an album and NOT immediately bought/listened to everything else the band's done. I've ended up disappointed, sure, but it's never taken away from the album that made me fall in love with them. Or, maybe it has? I always seem to find a new one though!


@agingdragqueen: I assumed that was why you never called me back, because our date went so well. I mean after all I showed my emotional side by crying uncontrollably at dinner while telling you all about my ex.


yawns, stretches

Just when I thought I was out, they puuuullll me back in.

Wow, I haven't posted anything in months. I fear seeing what color my triangle will be after I press "submit".

I'm with @agingdragqueen on this. If I hear an album I adore, I want to hear more from the band. The other albums don't always live up, but sometimes they're even better.

Ancient Melodies of the Future was my first full BTS album. I loved it. Like a lot. But then I dug deeper, and it got even better.

Man, not enough artists take time to craft an /album/ anymore.

@gideonfrost: Damien Rice is mine, bitch. Back off!


Tom Petty and Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits! I cannot tell you listened to this album.


I should have taken this approach to fun.'s music after Aim and Ignite. Unfortunately, I bought Some Nights without hearing anything except the first single and I was extremely disappointed. I would have preferred to pretend it didn't exist.