questionswhat's limiting my upload ?


@djbowman: Sorry. I think we'd done this before (your question seemed like serious deja vu). I don't use dropbox. Never have. My method for moving large files is... oh, wait, I don't really have any large files.

I've got nothing. Sorry.

Here's one of your earlier questions:


@shrdlu: thanks to clarify my method broke and all other methods are broke because of the upload issue ... However pointing me back at my own question was very well played


What does say your upload speed is? Try a bunch of different servers near you to make sure the numbers you get are consistent.

There may be settings on your PC or router that are affecting your upload (and/or download) speed. Things like MTU, TCP transmit/receive window, and other TLAs that don't mean anything to normal people.

If shows a slow upload speed, give your ISP a call or check their support website. They may have a "TCP/IP Optimizer" you can run to fix your computer settings to get your full bandwidth.


another option if things don't improve is to get a NAS, like a seagate goflex home, and give your recipient access to it. then they just log on, and download directly from you.


Just as a FYI, your speed could be the fastest in the world but if the server you're putting files on is busy or doesn't have all the same bandwidth as you, it will not be as fast as your maximum speed could be.

Also when you connect to a server, there are many other computers between you and that server. Any one of those could be limiting your throughput.

Here's a true-to-life example. No matter how fast your internet connection, the website will still not be able to handle your request because they do not have enough computers to handle the demand of everyone signing up all at once.


Also it is possible that your ISP throttles you. They might call it "Traffic Shaping"

You can use this to find out if you are getting "Traffic Shaped"