questionsare you keeping up with the simcity fiasco?


I knew this was going to happen cause it happened before. I sat back and waited for the drama. People have short term memories but EA tried to do this before and it ended up in disaster too.


The top 5 star Amazon review cracked me up.


It is ironic that the popularity of this game is making it unsuccessful.


Did you see this link? I pulled it from the comments on the top 5 star review. Pretty wild. I never really supported EA despite them hiring half the developers from my university. Never once hears a positive experience with them either from an employee or customer.


I bought SimCity 2000SE from good old games instead, and have been playing that in all it's DRM-free glory. I made it all the way to arcologies before a lot of people were even able to play the new version for the first time.


@countdown: Wow, I did not see that one. That is unbelievable! Was considering waiting till it came down in price to buy this (after all the mess clears), but now I am considering a full on boycott!


@the18thtee84: I wouldn't even buy it at a lower price. It sounds like the game will be unplayable whenever EA decides to turn their servers off.


Whoa, thanks for linking all that. I had no idea. I was really interested in getting the game, but now after reading those reviews on Amazon and the comments from the one start people....Geez EA, are you trying to kill one of coolest gaming franchises, or does this sort of thing just come naturally to you?


I've not bought an EA product in a couple years, but following this debacle and their insistence on draconian DRM, I will never buy another. I was going to buy this (but not at $60) initially.

Somebody should build a small website:
Just a sign up to agree to never purchase another EA product ever. :-)


I grew up with SimCity beginning with SimCity 2k on the SNES, SimCity 3k Unlimited, and then SimCity 4. SimCity Societies was terrible because it didn't follow what the previous games had with the zoning and what not.
So, when they announced the new SimCity, I was so very hyped for it. Especially since they brought back zoning. But, when I learned that it would require me to be online to play, I searched EVERYWHERE to find an article that would say otherwise. But, alas, any article I found was either old or false. I was crushed.
I didn't buy it. What convinced me is that it required me to be online and then the reports from early reviews that the city size limit was too small. I knew there will be problems. Just look at the mess that was the Diablo 3 launch.
I'm happy I didn't buy it, but it feels like my heart was torn out of me because of this fiasco. It's beyond words of the mixed feelings I've had for not buying it, and then not being able to quench that feeling to build a city.


To put it in perspective when I say "I grew up with SimCity":

I started playing SimCity 2k at age 6


EA has been a d-bag for quite a while now. Nothing they do surprises me anymore.


@zzzaap: You started with 2k?


But given the age, you do get extra points. B-)


Was going to get it but then realized EA games drop in price FAST. So no reason to preorder. I'll wait a few months and pick it up on a summer sale or something for half price. Really only games I buy day one is Civ V expansions and Blizzard games. Most other stuff you can either find deals on the week or two leading up or will drop fast. I expect to see SimCity for at least half price before the year is up. If not even cheaper because of this fiasco.


While I understand the interesting possibilities that having a multiplayer aspect can bring to a game like SimCity, requiring an online presence is the the worst kind of DRM inspired jackassery. SimCity and the Civilization series were all about single player: spending hours (if you wanted) in your world.

I spent hours with SimCity while on cruise in a submarine. Kind of hard to connect to servers there.


I never really got into the franchise, but this still sounds like a raw deal.


I left a one star review on there also. I finally got to play the tutorial this morning, and was digging it, but I won't probably ever give it 5 stars now even if I end up loving the game. I enjoyed the tutorial, but that's about it for now. I'll be setting up a city tomorrow IF it's possible.

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The whole tap onto a server to see if ur true, doesn't bug me cause does it and it works fine. The fact that you have to remain online to play is what I don't like. That's just asking someone to hack everyone's computer while they are jacked up to the server.


Sim City. The game that finally makes the Spore debacle look pleasant.


Pshh. Unless there is a new SimTower or SimAnt, I am not interested anyway. I always got bored with SimCity--any version--before I could build an impressive city. Maybe I just liked the idea of building a penthouse and killing all the red ants better than creating a community...


They just said that anyone that has all ready activated their game with get a free game from EA's library via an e-mail going out March 18th. No idea if you get to pick, if it is a good game, if it too is riddled unusable by DRM.


To be clear - the new game is really, really excellent.

With that said - i'm one of the nerd-ragers. I couldn't play the game for the first 2 days that i had it, because of the server issues. Not a big deal in and of itself, but i'm extremely busy during the week and most weekends, so having that downtime to play was rare and disappointing. Still not a world ender, i'll admit... but certainly frustrating. Even in the ensuing days, since my only free time falls within "peak usage" - i'd typically get booted and not be able to log back in due to traffic. Also - i travel a bit for work, and was looking forward specifically to this game to play en-route, when i don't have connectivity. The DRM kills that idea, and made it very hard to even get into playing it. I also don't get it... The target audience for sim city doesn't strike me as the l33t warez type... To anger the people actually buying it, just to prevent those who couldn't care anyway from ripping it, doesn't seem smart.


DRM makes it hard for legit users. I have read the DRM is already cracked.
Per what I read if I buy the game it will not work but if I steal it, it works fine?


They make it look so good on the commercial, just like Tiger Woods, and then....


I am not surprised at this service disaster from EA.

My only experience with them is EA Sports Active 2 for the Wii. A major feature of the program involves connecting to their servers and keeping a record of your stats, create charts and track your progress, and also downloading new programs. I was only able to connect to their server ONCE in the 6 months I used the program, and I found hundreds of pages of forum entries from users with the same issue.

This was several years ago. Guess they haven't learned or just don't care.