questionswhen is a 1 watt led flashlight an item for 3…


You realize that, unless something specifically says they answer e-mails within 24 hours that one day is jumping the gun a little, right? I'm not saying you shouldn't file the claim, just maybe wait a bit. Here on deals.woot, I believe that I've seen @thefenst reach out to a company before regarding customer service issues like this one. If not @thefenst, I'm not sure which staff member, but I do remember seeing one help out a deals.woot user with a customer service problem.


I've been happy with my purchases from that site. It's junk, but it's the junk I ordered. I suspect if you are a bit more patient you will get the dog toys and get to keep the flashlight. I would put even money on the likelihood that the dog toys are actually on their way to you in another package and the flashlight was either a bonus gift or an accidental add-in. IME, cheap high volume sites like 13deals and woot often ship unlike items separately, either because combining shipments requires more work than paying the extra postage, or because different items ship from different warehouses. I'm sad I missed the 3 random dog toys deal.


@moondrake: The packing list / receipt shows the dog toys. The tracking info given is only for the one package.


I think I got that same flashlight with my two knit hats too. I think it was a random item (along with a little gingerbread house kit that pretty much sucked) that I did order/pay for. Are you sure it was specifically three dog toys (not just three random things)? I know they say that sometimes you'll get one better thing instead of three cheaper things. Either way all these calls and claims seem like a lot of effort for $2 or $3 IMO...


@benyust2: It was 3 random dog toys... It's nbd to have my credit card work for me or to make a simple phone call.


Mistakes happen. I work in a warehouse, and the "mistake book" was about 15 pages long for 2011. That's with only 3 full time employees and 2 part time, in the warehouse. I'm told this is an improvement.

Imagine the fashion in which your order is actually being filled:

Once the order is received, someone punches it into the billing system, by numbered code, generating an order slip. One mistyped number, and the wrong item is added to the slip. Next to order is picked by someone else, who never saw your original order. They walk down one of 50 isles, looking at cardboard boxes on a shelf numbered by marker. They can easily jumble the numbers, or be victim to a person who incorrectly marked the box in the first place. When the order is finally invoiced, these sorts of problems aren't easily identified.

Please update when/if you find out whether this was a mistake or with intent.


First, many thanks for the support for those of you who have mentioned they understand mistakes happen, as it was certainly not intentional.

Second @jsoko:, please give us a call at 423-207-1292. We apologize for the mistake. We will of course make it right. However, I should mention that if you did indeed make a claim with your CC company already, you may have taken it out our hands to make it up to you. Please call regardless so we can do our best, as we do with any and all of our customers.


@13deals: Good job of standing up for your company!