questionswould you ask a fake question to boost your rep?


Nope. It's not that hard to get a "decent" rep around here. As long as you're an active community member and you post deals, comment on deals, and vote for deals your rep should take care of itself.


Not sure...

Also, I learned that the only thing keeping me back from a black triangle was posting 1 deal a few days ago. Bumped me from green to black in 1 day. So, you need to be "well-rounded".


No, I ask a question when I have one I think our community can answer. Or I will ask one for the humor of it, because I feel the community will find it amusing. But I am sympathetic to those who do it, they are just sheep, following the leaderboard hints. In reality, you could have a very good rep, and never ask a single question.


People ask stupid, pointless questions for rep boost all the time. Just look at the questions board -- LOADS of stupid questions


No, but I give fake answers all the time...


Nope. Every question I've asked, I'm actually interested in the answers.


I'm not sure I have the proper rep to reply to my own thread anymore ._.


@curtisuxor: Now that the gift giving holidays are past, I spend most of my Woot time on the community side. But I try to find one thing each day worthy of upvoting on each of the three deal categories, sponsored, top, and new. If I can't find anything I think is worthy then I don't, but I make an effort to do so. I figure that's the main purpose of the site, so I should invest a bit in it even if I am looking to not spend money right now.


A fake orgasm boosted my personal rep. My woot rep not so much.


@moondrake: Yeah, I'm generally the same. I am mainly here for both the free stuff and the Q side of DW. Sometimes when I see that killer deal, I upvote and buy right away, but that's kind of rare.

I didn't realize that adding 1 deal would boost my rep that much that quickly. I log in every day, upvote the good deals like you, upvote questions, upvote great comments and answers and try (key word here) to add some of my own comments that are funny enough to make someone laugh or smile.


Aha! There's my first -1, I've finally made it ಥ.ಥ


What's a "fake question"? One that you're asking, but don't care about the result of? One that you ask, knowing you'll get a lot of upvotes, but you actually are still interested in the answer? One that others accuse you of doing 'just for rep' even though you didn't intend it that way?


-1 just because you asked for one.

Every question I've asked I've been genuinely curious about, even if only on a trivial level. I suppose you could, but if it's obvious, you'll be downvoted or get no responses, which will not help the rep much at all.

Oh, wait! This was a fake question! Dang it, I fell for it too!


All of my questions have been genuine, though some may have been spur-of-the-moment or possibly alcohol-induced.


Ha, wow. This worked spectacularly.

That's disheartening.