questionshas anyone had a problem with


i've order from there a couple time in the past 6 months or so. never had any issues.


Ive ordered a few times from them and never had a problem. I always used Paypal and received my item. It does take a while (and sometimes I forget that I even ordered something until it arrives... also happens on Id just try and be patient when dealing with these sites. Good luck!


UPSMI is UPS's version of FedEx's beloved SmartPost. I'm otherwise unfamiliar with it, but usually if you just plug your tracking number into Google it figures out how to track it. Not much but I HTH.


Ordered several times and no issues here!


...What everyone else said - no problems. I just takes forever to get it.


I too have ordered from them a few times and experienced no difficulty. I don't quite understand your discomfort, though. You didn't receive your merchandise but you did get a full refund. The only glitch seems to be a communication error, which seems to me to be a minor (albeit annoying) matter that can happen with even the biggest and best companies. If you think they're dishonest, as your too-cute comment indicates, I'd suggest you not shop with them in the future.


My beef with DailySteals is that they won't ship to an address other than the billing address of your credit card, even if you use PayPal (yes, their site claims you can get around the billing address requirement with PayPal: the site is a lie).

Becuase my home address is not secure for anything larger than a magazine, I specifically went through the hassle of getting my work address verified with PayPal and it works with EVERY other site and eBay seller I've EVER used. Acording to PayPal's tech people, my address is in fact confirmed and is reported as such to DailySteal but because their checkout is broken, they reject all but a CC billing address.

(Having said that, my girlfriend has ordered a few things from them for me to her home and never had a problem, though they do not ship quickly at all.)


Never had a problem. Shipping for me was about 10 days which is pretty much the same as woot.


Is their Ebay store better than their website? It's highly rated, and since I ordered a powered USB hub from them yesterday (and overpaid, I later learned) I'm hoping that part of the business is ok. I just got en email tonight saying the hub has been shipped.


1. they sold me a "recertified" printer that was completely scratched and banged up. They just threw things into a box and shipped it to me

2. They sold me counterfeit lady gaga heart beats, lied that they were genuine, even though they were packaged in ziploc bags. I contacted Monster brand protection and they told me that Daily Steals sold counterfeit headphones. Even ebay took their listing off

3. I stopped trusting them, but they had a free money clip, so I went for it. What I got a month later was a paper envelope with a perfect slit on the side. They blamed it on usps, but I think they ran OOS so they sent me that so its like they attempted to give me something.

4. Customer service is horrific. They never responded my emails until I filed a complaint through PayPal and Better Business Bureau. They shut off their phone line apparently to "better serve their customers". Yeah, go figure.


5. Shipping is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW!! They take money from your paypal immediately when you order. My guess is they take your money first and then purchases them afterwards to send to you. There's no reason why shipping should take almost a month to ship within the same state of New York.

6. Forgot to mention my Sennheiser headphones. They also came in a slit envelope. I asked them to send me another pair, but they said they were OOS. But they still sold the exact same thing on their sister site Ice Monkey, and resold it on Daily Steals a few days later. They refunded me a month later.

The only good think I got was a $1 LED hat light. But I was only allowed to purchase 1.......


I recently placed my first order with, for the SanDisk 16GB Class 4 MicroSD card featured on Deals.Woot back on 01/05 -

Here's the product page on -

Received my card today, 01/14 (never got any tracking info). It was literally thrown into a plain white envelope with no packaging whatsoever. Also, the card was not a SanDisk, but some generic crap. Also, when tested, it was only able to write at Class 2 speeds.


I will not be shopping at again.


Bought something via ebay, advertised as brand new. They shipped the wrong thing, and initially wouldn't reship until i shipped them the wrong item AND they processed it. I complained, and finally they shipped out the correct item. It's now 1 month after I first paid for it. I open the package, IT'S NOT NEW!! Completely repackaged in a generic box, no manual. I am escalating this through ebay. Stay away from them! Why advertise on ebay as new, if it's obviously not....come on, a generic box?!?


I'm having a hell of a time trying to get through to customer support. I've emailed them twice... you don't even get an auto-confirmation of the email or anything. When that didn't get me anywhere I tried their twitter account.


I read the above post about complaining to the BBB or PayPal... guess I'll do that since I'm not getting their attention any other way.

A shame, too, cuz up until this recent purchase I've been very happy with them. (FYI... I ordered AA/AAA batteries from them and they're all DUDS... none of them lasted more than 3-4 hours in a standard toy or a Wii remote.)


I ordered a phone from them a month ago. It has not arrived. I have had email exchange with their customer service department. They keep saying it will be shipped but I want a refund. They say I have to first get the phone and then return it to get my money back. They suck at problem resolution. I ran out of patience with them and finally made a public complaint. I have ordered other stuff that arrived eventually. I agree with others who say they are slow. They might be playing the "cash float" game like the banks used to do but it is more likely incompetence and lack of understanding that if you piss off customers they won't buy from you and they will tell everyone they know not to as well.


Don't use these guys. They are selling stuff that they don't yet own and using your credit card (which they charge at the time you click 'buy') to fund buying the stuff from their suppliers. It's basically a scam and this is the reason their shipping takes so's obviously hard to ship stuff you don't have. They have to wait until they get the money from charging their customers before they even order the stuff they've already 'sold' to you. Then they have to wait for it to be delivered to them before they can repack it and mail it to you.


I know this is an old forum, but avoid at all costs! One of my orders (a keyboard) came packed in a plain plastic UPS envelope turned inside out. NO padding or box or anything! One of the keys was broken off. Didn't even bother contacting them about it. I ordered two infrared heaters, one came right away, but it was the wrong model, NOT the one I ordered. The second took a month to be delivered, and it was in a box with no packing materials, and the wheels on the bottom were all smashed. It also didn't work! I emailed them and am in my third week of "still waiting to hear from our supplier." Protested the charge and got a refund from my credit card. I sent them an email to tell them, and they replied "were you able to contact the supplier? Who did you talk to?" Terrible service!


I wish I had read this thread before ordering. I ordered on 11/9 and as of 11/28 no product, no shipping info, no responses. When I click on 'order details' or try to submit an e-mail to customer service I get a "No Transport" message on the top of the screen.

I tried it from 2 different PC's and get the same response.

I would have to say I am not a fan, and will file a dispute with the credit card company tomorrow.


I'm too having probelms with I ordered on 11/13/12 and it's already 12/11/12 and I still didn't receive the product... Emailed them twice using their system on website and don't even know if they are getting these messages because there are no confirmations... I'm really aggravated with them at this point.


I am also Having issues. I ordered 2 Himalayan salt lamps. I only received 1.

I e-mailed them. they requested I send them pictures of what i received in the box.
When i sent them the photos. They didn't respond for 3 days. I sent them a 2nd message requesting the status. I still haven't had any response. So I sent a 3rd and now I am being told I am messaging their wrong department. (when it's the e-mail written on their site).

I will be disputing with my bank.


If you need to contact them, they do have a Customer Service Number! 718-840-3516
The tracking number wasn't updated for 14+ days on my order, so I called and it had already shipped and arrived the very next day! ^_^


I have had a few bad experiences with Daily Steals. The last one will definitely be the LAST one. They tend to take your money and then tell you that they ran out of the item. Then comes the "good" part... GETTING reimbursed! They are awful getting your money back. Countless emails through their AWFUL "Customer Service". They are scammers.