questionscan cats become addicted to catnip?


According to experts (aka, my wife), no they can't. I can attest to my own experience that it wears off, and they don't seem to go through withdrawal. So no celebrity rehab for your kittehs.


I'm going with no also. I give my cat catnip at random. I poor some on the floor, he eats a little, wonders off. Might eat some more the next day.
He doesn't keep going back to it.


No. We grow catnip and the cats have access to the nip. If they were addicted, they'd be in the patch all day long.

They do like the dried stuff (which I sell online, not much, it's a small patch), that will have them growling and slapping one another over what I've put on the patio (our cats have access to our backyard, the fence is modified so that they can't get out). But I think if I did that on a daily basis, they'd get bored with it.


Kitty, you have to calm down! Here, I'll get you some catnip.


I didn't think they could either... but then my cat started to develop out-of-character mood swings. After a while I would notice that my wallet would be missing $$. My cat started staying out until all hours of the night, and hanging around with a rather shifty crowd.
I finally confronted my cat about his 'nip usage, and he said he had it under control, and could stop anytime he wanted. Before you know it, he had pawned my great grandmothers silver, just so that he could get some Bolivian Catnip. I told him enough was enough... my house, my rules, and catnip use was forbidden. I was worried that it was a gateway drug that would lead my cat into harder, more dangerous highs. It's been a long battle to keep my cat 'off the junk', but it's been worth it. I have him duct taped to the wall currently... it seems to be an effective deterrent.

All that being said, no, not addictive at all =)


No, but it is a gateway drug. Catnip today, meth tomorrow.


@sil40: LOL, I know what you mean, all the other cats in the neighborhood have started hanging out in our yard. I think my cat is dealing to try to support the catnip habit.


I don't think my cat is addicted, but when I get his spray bottle of catnip juice he totally freaks out and starts meowing nonstop. So at minimum, he's a junkie.


Maybe I could attract Halle Berry with some catnip. Meow!


For added fun, after getting the cat(s) stoned, pull out the laser pointer and see how close to the ceiling you can get them to run up a wall.


I keep the catnip treats on the top of the fridge (only place high enough to keep the cats out of). Now, the cats rub on the fridge and look at it as if it is the magical catnip factory...


I help my cat shoot up the catnip by mixing it with water and drawing the green liquid. When i give it to her every day she doesn't respond to it, so i skip days and even if i skip one or two days she totally reacts and rolls in it. If o skip days she sleepsall day and yawns a lot, just like withdrawals. She definitely has a tolerance to it but doesn't seem dependent on it, but when she hasn't had it in a while she freaks out when i give it to her. That's all true except the shooting up part. She smokes it, obviously.