questionswhich deal sites should we trust? run from?


I used Ben's Outlet recently (1saleaday). I bought 3 refurbished memory cards and 2 gripping tripods. Shipping was quick, and when I only received the 3 memory cards and only had one tracking number, they were quick to respond to my question (during normal M-F business hours). What happened was they were sent separately, with only one shipping number. The tripods arrived on Monday, the memory cards on Saturday. The cards are working great, and the tripods were new, as advertised. They shipped both in padded envelopes, and they arrived to my house just fine. I will be buying from them the next time they have a deal I need!


stay away from gearxs. Their descriptions are deceptive, their return policy is the worst there is, and they often ship the wrong item. They also send items postage-due, if they ever send it all. Absolute worst retailer I've dealt with in my 40+ years. When they finally reply to you, they may even tell you they'll only ship the item you paid for IF you remove the negative feedback you left them.

I've had good experiences with meritline and tanga, and also recommend and


I like They can be slow with shipping, but price is usually good and they give out $5 coupon codes a lot. I just ordered from them a few days ago.


While this thread is a nice idea in principle, in practice it won't be all that useful.

I've had good to great experiences with woot, 1saleaday and ben' outlet, dailysteals, meritline, monoprice, suntekstore,, bestbuy (not sure that those last two count as deal sites) and many others.

But I've also had a single bad experience each with 1saleaday (a free head lamp smelled strongly of gasoline and broke when I tried to use it), dailysteals (a $6 laser pointer went missing and I had to contact the USPS about it and never got satisfaction, though I decided it wasn't worth pursuing) and meritline (a $0.99 light went missing and I decided I didn't care) and four problems with woot (charging tax on clothes, sending wrong size sheets, and sending wrong cast iron skillets; everything was resolved to my satisfaction with the exception of the skillets, which I'm still waiting to hear about).

Of the problems, only the issue with dailysteals causes me to think twice before ordering.


I recently had an awful run in with Seriously, never again, and anyone who asks, I will quickly persuade them to buy products elsewhere. is another one I wouldn't touch with a ten inch pole.

That being said, I had an amazing experience with Great shipping, great customer service when the product was a lemon. I'd throw my money their way anytime they come up with something I want.


AVOID , , , , , or any other incarnation with shark in the title.

Used to post deals on here under the user name "sharkstores". Posted for years, but hasn't been around in a few months...thankfully.


@kamikazeken: I agree.

I wouldn't recommend GearXS due to them selling me a product that Microsoft subsequently disabled.

I've never had any problems with Monoprice. In fact, my cow-orkers and I often combine offers there for various giblets and doo-dads and they've always been as advertised.


What's with the zero-score votes for tinydeals all together? Shills?


@rhmurphy: Yes, they are shills. Been dealing with them for a while now. Sigh. Deleted the comments.


@baybei: Did both envelopes have the same delivery confirmation number or did one get sent without tracking?

I have had good luck with several of the places mentioned so far. I have had issues with and in the past and both sites solved the problem quickly and to my satisfaction. Woot even went over and above when I mentioned a small issue without expecting a resolution.

I had poor service response from and the issue still is not resolved after several months. Whenever I contact them, I keep getting told to wait for an email that never arrives. (Yes, I check my spam daily.) I do know many Wooters have good luck there.


@pattiq: They were both sent with tracking (each had a different number), but only one tracking number was uploaded for some reason. They even told me that was what happened when I e-mailed them. They apologized and told me to contact them again if the second package didn't arrive in 3-5 days. It arrived the same day he e-mailed me back (which was Monday), I had e-mailed them on Saturday evening.


I've been buying from Newegg for the last 8 years probably...
Customer service is great! I've only ever had a few issues and they were very helpful and quick to respond.
I did have one issue about 4-5 months ago that I don't think was handled quite as well as I would have preferred, so it may be slipping just a little bit, but overall would ALWAYS recommend Newegg.


@kamikazeken: I have to disagree about gearxs, based on my experience. They had an amazing deal on a Blu-ray player which I hesitated to buy because I had seen all the negative comments about them in this community. I eventually decided to go for it anyway, and I am very glad I did. They shipped promptly and in good packaging. The player arrived exactly as described and it worked great. I had bought it to be a secondary one for the bedroom but it has since become our primary Blu-ray player, because it is so much better than the (much more expensive) player that we had already.

I can understand your wanting to warn people away based on your very bad experiences there. But the fact is that it's not always bad. In my case the experience was very good and based on that, I would order from them again.


I've been pleasantly surprised by Mertline. Everything comes, eventually, as advertised or better. I bought some Star Trek cufflinks from them for like 4 bucks (free shipping), expecting them to be complete trash. They were actually very well made, and were a great bargain.

I've bought similar little stuff since, and have been satisfied. I'd put a caveat in that nothing I've got from them had working parts: it was cuff links, screwdrivers, cable, and stuff like that. I certainly wouldn't buy anything very complicated from them, or anything very expensive (say, more than 20 bucks.)


I'd like to see a list of deal sites added to the Leaderboard where people can vote on them and they could be ranked.


I've had good experiences with 1SaleADay and Ben's Outlet. Both take forever with shipping, but stuff always arrives in good condition, and anytime there is an issue the customer service team is prompt and courteous.

Bad experiences with Dailysteals and their counterpart, Icemonkey. The pictures on the website and their descriptions are often deceptive. Oftentimes "refurbished" means they colored in scratches with a black marker. Not exactly confidence inducing.

Customer service response was prompt, but actually obtaining refund or replacement was like pulling teeth. Ordered from them four times, and each time there was a defect with the product they sent me. One digital frame I ordered had an entire corner broken off and cs wanted me to send them a picture before they would issue a refund. After they confirmed there was an issue, I had to ask them for a return shipment label. I have a feeling that had I not asked, they would have just made me pay for the shipping.

Stay Away.


@mtrlgrl: I second @morriea's "BRILLIANT!" Someone should get on that.


I purchased a product from Daily Steals it arrived defective, and they would not cover return shipping for replacement. I will be very hesitant to buy from them again.


I've had issues with gearxs but IIRC they were the only one.


Ive heard many problems with gearxs but i have bought from them a long time ago (5 years ago) when they had two stores. I bought some Logitech speakers which run around $50 refurbed and I got them for like $35. I bought a second pair for my brother from them and I actually negotiated price through email because the refurbs were so popular that it was hard to find anything close to my first buying price of $35.
I ended up getting the speakers and a ethernet cord for $41 and they arrived and work just fine.
So far in 5 years and through moving the speakers every year to and from college they still hold up great!

so gearxs was good a long time ago but im sure there could be problems by others out there as i have seen people rant about.


I bought a laptop from Secondipity and was very happy with the entire process.


I would like to give a HUGE thumbs-up to cowboom. This is a Best Buy company. They OVER estimate all scratches and dings when giving a rating. They have the EASIEST return policy...just click on a button, choose a reason (including "changed my mind"), a pre-paid shipping printout is immediately available. How COOL is that?! No emails for permission. No run-around.

TODAY I received a 16GB tablet that was listed as a 32GB tablet and they offered me $35.00 if I wanted to keep it!!!! Totally my choice.


Just got here, first woot, late fri 6/15-- delivered early mon 6/18, nice. Little hiccup with shipping cost, fixed immediately, Shout Out to Phil - Thanks man.

Like many wooters, I have purchased hundreds of items online, for the most part without incident, nothing an email couldnt fix. Be courteous and patient, until its time not to be.

Recent good experiences, woot(obviously), priceplunge, cowboom, banggood- r/c hobby stuff. On a funny note I recently received a leather credit card holder from wilsonsleather packaged like they were shipping a Faberge egg. ymmv


@morriea: @kerowyn Thanks for the support.

I'd like to see it simplified so when someone votes on a site they have to check off items on a poll: pro and con. They can check off more than one item. For instance:

Pro: good prices, good quality products, fast shipping, cheap shipping, good customer service
Cons: prices too high, poor quality products, slow shipping, expensive shipping, poor customer service.

People would just roll over a site on the list and see the counts for it.

That way people wouldn't have to sift through 80 comments to see WHY the site was voted up or down. Of course, people could still expand on it by creating a question in this section.


@firebirdude: I have used DiamondShark many times with great success.