questionsdo you stock truck seat covers?


sorry, no.

deals.woot is a deals aggregator. meaning, deals.woot doesn't actually sell anything. anyone can post a deal they find out on the interwebs on here. so, you might want to use the handy dandy search feature to see if anyone has posted a deal for truck seat covers.

merry christmas. happy hanukkah. feliz navidad. frenzied festivus.

(note: it took all my will power to keep from replying with a smartass comment. so, someone pat me on the back or something.)


Welcome to woot!
@carl669: did a grat job of kindly explaining what goes on here. Besides the aggrigate site deals.woot you will notice other sites that are woot run at the top and bottom of the page. Check them out they are pretty cool.


As others have said, deals.woot does not actually sell anything. Welcome to Woot, check out the unofficial deals.woot FAQ here. It should answer any questions you have about the community.


@carl669: You're getting soft and weak, aren't you? Good job of playing nice. ;)


@jsimsace: i know. i hate myself. must be the lack of sleep.