questionschallenge: a nice set of graduated pearls


This is probably too pink and definitely out of the price range, but this should be close to what you are looking for:

The grading system they use is based off the system GIA uses in their pearl reports, Remember unlike diamonds their is no standard for pearls.

This one has a pink tinge to it, but from the photos the sizing is inconsistent and the shape of the pearls is poor,


@catbertthegreat: thank you for looking for me. The first one is definitely too pink and the pearls look the same size to me (at least in the picture).

The second one is very similar to what I used to have, so I will reconsider the prices. I like the 18" length well enough, but think I really want the 20" length. Also, the clasp I had on the old one was a rhinestone thing that was so pretty. I want something other than a plain clasp.


Okay this website has everything and you probably will need to contact them to pull this off,

Here is the necklace, note it is not rose in color, but white, but they say on their website that for anything you can choose to have anything in rose or white, so you will have to contact them,

Here is their selection of clasps for this necklace adding any to the cart essentially tells them you want that clasp on the necklace:


@catbertthegreat: Left you a PM on the woot side. Thanks.