questionshave you ever booked a flight with an intentional…


It's no biggie if you don't show up for the 2nd leg of your flight. They'll give the seat to someone else. They'll never know why you didn't show up; maybe you missed your flight, or got sick, etc etc. Doesn't matter to them.

Good luck!


If it's a round-trip fare, once you miss one leg of the trip, the airline will cancel the remaining legs - so if you fly from Wootville to Atlanta, get off and miss your flight from Atlanta to Florida, you won't be able to fly the leg from Atlanta back to Wootville. If it's a one-way ticket, however, you'll be fine. I've done this a handful of times when I needed to start and end in different cities [Wootville to AmazonLand with a stopover in NeuroBorough; AmazonLand to Wootville with a stopover in NeuroBorough, getting off at NeuroBorough; this is much cheaper than a multi-city fare if you live near a hub airport (I used to and unfortunately no longer do!)]. As long as it's the last leg of your trip and you don't have checked bags, you'll be fine.


It's exactly as @neuropsychosocial says. If you book a round trip/multi-stop ticket and miss any part of your flight(s), then the rest of your trip is cancelled. As I understand it, this policy is in place to prevent exactly the sort of thing that you want to do. I tried it once, years ago, not knowing the consequences... and ended up having to purchase new tickets for the return portion of my trip.


Book your itinerary as a set of two one-way flights, rather than as a round trip.

Don’t check your bags, and get to your gate early, lest the overhead bins fill up.

Don’t lie if you get caught — travel lawyers agree that misstating your intentions could leave you facing fraud charges. Instead, proudly state that you’re doing your part to help the airlines understand the inefficiencies in their pricing structures, and that you’re bringing exorbitant fares more in line with the free market.
(Plagiarized from the NY Times)


Back in the 70's, I was flying from Italy to the US. We stopped in Spain before the rest of the flight. So technically I can say I've been to Spain too but I never left the plane. I think nobody was allowed to leave due to passport issues and not everyone required a Spanish passport for that particular trip but that's just an assumption.

I've never had that happen before. We land and refuel and then take off again. Nobody left the plane but I think a few people got on.


Oh, and a couple things about prices of different options.

1. A website was caught showing people on a Mac computer higher price options than those people on a Windows machine. When questioned about it, the company stated that Mac owners are willing to pay higher prices and that's why they do it. So be aware this may be happening to you.

2. There is a direct flight from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico on Jet Blue. However, for some weird reason, it can cost less if you fly from Jacksonville to Atlanta to Puerto Rico with a different company even though the distance is longer that way. My girlfriend pays the extra to fly direct due to the convenience factor.

3. Some airlines have contracts with shipping companies like UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. These contracts give them a specific amount of space and/or weight on the plane to carry packages. If they need all their space and your luggage will not fit, your luggage may be bumped. Multiple legs to your destination increase the chance


Crap, ignore my first answer. I thought you said INTERNATIONAL layover when you really said INTENTIONAL layover. Oops.


Yes you can save some money, adjusting flights plans as explained, but in my case I have two other considerations besides the straight economics.

These days I have trouble sitting in one place for more that a couple hours. A two hour lay over adds to my flight day, but I get the time to stretch, read and walk. Sometimes essential for my health and happiness.

Plus, I have family scattered all over: JAX, ORD, HOU, DFW, OKC, DEN. Call ahead and plan stops. We often manage to have a meal and catch up in airport lounges. However, leave extra time, less than two hours is not worth the hassle.

And don't ignore buses .... with Greyhound/Trailways cutting routes, charter companies are opening dedicated routes. These are subsidized by commercial freight, businesses need to move items between offices on scheduled loads, passengers open a legal loophole. I can get a ticket from SDF-MDW for $10 on an express, late night charter sometimes. Flying is not always best plan.


I had an intentional layover once in MN so I could check out the Mall of America. Beats sitting in Chicago doing nothing!

And yes, the others are right about the rest of your trip being cancelled. Stinks, methinks.


We had a layover in England to deal with jetlag before we continued on to Saint Petersburg (visa issues, strange language, white nights). Worked out great -- Kew Gardens is a very effective way to reset your internal clock with nature.