questionsyou can copy & paste from within a deal's text!!


about time! woo hoo! that was such a freaking PITA! ;-) woot to @debbiedunlap for discovering!!! This is +2 for you.


What browser are y'all using?

Either I don't understand what you're talking about or I've been able to do this in firefox for.... ever?


@anotherhiggins: exploder 7 and 8 depending on which computer I am on.


@debbiedunlap: I have to say that I'm with @anotherhiggins on this one. I have no idea what you're talking about, and I'm using IE right this very second to type this. Here you go, copied from the current number one popular deal:

"Anybody want a peanut?"

Order from and get free shipping to your local store.

Now "Have fun storming the castle!"

(Apparently someone liked Miracle Max best, since both quotes are by him.)

Is there something that we're missing, or do you mean something different?


@debbiedunlap: @hobbit:

So are you talking about being able to select text from within someone's deal/question/comment and then copy that text?

Was that really not an option in IE??


@anotherhiggins: Since comments seem to be delayed (AGAIN) after being made, you probably didn't see what I typed, which was that I have IE, and have always been able to do this. I'm wondering if they're referring to the "coupon" codes that appear in (some) sponsored deals?

[Edit] Since I said that, I see that there are no coupon codes in any of the current sponsored deals.

[Edit again] Okay, my attention span's not this long. I'll come back later to see if there were further comments...


@shrdlu & @anotherhiggins: Using Internet Explorer, it was previously impossible to copy anything from within the textbox of a deal. It is now possible. [This is why so many folks posted the promo codes within the comments. You could always copy from within comments.]


Let me get this straight... people still use Internet Explorer?


@1rudeboy: A few; only about 2/3 of all users.


@1rudeboy: some of us don't have a choice.


@1rudeboy: I didn't realize so many people still use IE too. No offense to them, but you might as well be washing your clothes on a washboard. That is, if you have a choice to use another browser.

Google Chrome rules.


@shrdlu: You're correct. I didn't see your post before submitting mine.

@hobbit: I know that many folks don't have privileges to install software on their work computers. For the rest of us....

Many folks in my office use FireFox. There are some internal sites that require IE (They'll throw an error about netscape incompatibility if you try to use FF). For those sites, I use the addin called IE Tab. It can run a single tab within FF as IE.

You can easily set certain sites to always open as IE.

Example: You could set up* to automatically open in an IE tab. That asterisk is a wildcard so that any URL that might exist within that section will always open as IE.

"IE Tab" addin for newer versions of FF:


@anotherhiggins: I actually have rights to install software on this computer. however, no other web browser has been approved by our IT for the enterprise system except for Safari and Firefox - oh yea and I can only use those for surfing all web based applications still need to be accessed through explorer because of the interfaces. Chrome is not network approved and probably never will be, it interferes with things in a way that is not good. I would also be using three different browsers then because the other computer I use at work I don't have rights on and my netbook uses something else, I forget what. Now if they all looked and behaved the same way I wouldn't care. But they don't.


@debbiedunlap: I am telling you right now, FOR SURE, that I have always been able to do this. I use three different IE versions on three different platforms, and while I'm not sure about the IE8 on Vista, I know that the IE7 on XP has never had an issue. I've done copy/paste from the deal itself quite recently, and it's fresh in my mind that I have.

Two weeks ago, I had need to do this, and I last did it nine days ago. I am quite positive that this has never been a limitation for me using IE. I find some of the defaults from IE unacceptable, and change them, and it may be that one of those changes affected you and hobbit; I can't say there.

I only know that we seem to be inhabiting different places in the multiverse.


@shrdlu: You know how the cyber gremlins love messing with me!!

I have absolutely no idea when it became possible for me to copy from deal text, it may have been over a month ago for all I know. Since I'd quite given up doing it, and it was only unconciously that I did it today, it could have been available for quite some time.


@debbiedunlap: I know that they do. If there's a bug anywhere in the system, I believe you'll reveal it. They are attracted to you. I can't think back to needing to do this (the copy/paste) before about a month ago, so it's just going to remain a mystery as to whether it was always a limitation (that I hadn't bumped up against) or something that only affected you east coast ladies.


@shrdlu: A friend, who knows me ALL too well, just sent me a cartoon of a clown in a straight jacket: "Some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps!"


This is new? I think I've always been able to do that... Maybe I'm mistaken.