questionsto dog bed or not to dog bed?


My dog isn't allowed on the furniture but we don't use a dog bed, just an old sleeping bag with a comforter on top. Sometimes she sleeps there (in our bedroom), sometimes she sleeps on the living room floor, sometimes she goes to her crate. If it's hot she will sleep on the cool tile of the kitchen or bathroom floor.

I like the ability to toss the comforter in the washing machine when it gets dirty so if you buy a dog bed it should have a removable cover for washing. But your dog may ignore the pricey dog bed and sleep on the floor anyway :)


My dog flat our refused to use a dog bed, even when she was sore with achy joints. I usually put down a rug, then a comforter or kids sized sleeping bag on the floor. This made it just a bit softer for her. I also left part of her 'area' uncovered so she could sleep on the cooler tiles if she chose. It seemed to work for her. And, yes, being able to easily wash everything was a big plus!


We bought our dog a dog bed when he was a little puppy. The only thing he ever uses it for is a good humping once or so a day. Dead serious.

He has a crate he sleeps in - he loves the crate, but hates the bed. If I put it in there, he'll drag it out, hump it, and go back in the crate.


If she has not used a dog bed before then I would just try out a blanket or piece of rug and see if she wants to use it. If she likes it, go ahead and get a real bed for her, but it need not be fancy. A thick cushion flat on the floor should be fine. Costco tends to have decent ones at good prices periodically. I just picked up some self inlfating cushioned air beds at my local Costco for about $26 apiece.


Do you have her on some glucosamine & chondroitin supplements? It really made a difference for my current dog (12 yrs) and my previous dog (14 yrs).

I use this from Petmeds.


My dog loves her bed. Next time I return from a week camping trip I will youtube her happy dance.
It is one of those foamy rectangle with firm foam bumpers.

Her bed in the city house is nylon camping pad with filled with egg crate foam that I wash often.

I do use one of those inflatable camping pads to keep the dog dryer in the bottom of the canoe.

The giant old dog had a canvas LL Bean or Orvis bag bed filled with cedar shavings. I had to put wheelchair ramps around the place during that dogs last few years.

About the sleeping bag, If you do that the dog will be sleeping on top of you in camp.


We have dog beds in the kitchen for them to nap on during the day. They sleep in bed with us at night, except for the Husky, who prefers to sleep outside.

You can look at Ross or Marshall's for discount beds. We got most of ours there. They have all kinds. Might be a good thing to get a cheap one to see if your dog will use it, then upgrade to a nicer one if she does. You can always have the cheapie one as a spare or put it in a different room.


I purchased 3 dog beds from Ross before I found one my dog would actually sleep on. Maybe you could start out with some cheap ones to see if they would actually be used. Then, if you wanted to get the nice bed you could put it where the old bed used to be and see if she would make the transition.


If we are talking about what is best for your dog's joints, you should probably just ask your vet the next time you see them.

Have you considered dog stairs? That would just make it easier for your doggy to get where it wants to go.


Thanks for the responses, everybody!

@thunderthighs: We got her some Cosequin a while ago and haven't really noticed any significant change; she's almost through the entire bottle.

There's about 2 weeks left, so we'll see if it makes a difference after the full 6 weeks. Our vet suggested we look at supplements but wouldn't recommend anything specific. He also said we should take it easy and cut down on playing, but she LOVES playing despite her achy joints and I don't want to restrict something that makes her so happy.

I wanted to try a cheap bed or even putting down an old comforter or blanket, but she's never really been interested in these things and was thinking that a super comfortable, supportive bed would be enticing (and pricey!) Maybe I'll try to MacGyver something together with a bunch of blankets and pillows first.


Also, thinking maybe she's not a fan of being comfortable! Penny has a habit of seeking on and sleeping on the weirdest things if it's left lying around.


Freshly laundered and folded Woot Shirts:

Table leg:

And my favorite, was installing metal shelves and took a break only to come back in the room and find this:

Maybe I should just get a her a jagged rock to sleep on!


@thewronggrape: You won't notice marked improvements with supplements. It definitely takes time and even 6 weeks may be short. You do have her on the treatment dosage, right? You double the dosage at first and then lower it later to what they call the maintenance level. M


My dog is an outside dog but he has a similar quirk. When the weather would turn very cold we would put some old blankets/towels in his dog house. The next morning they would be out in the frosty yard with him on them. Within a day or two they would be shredded so we quit trying. Now we use cedar shavings.