questionscheapest place to get sonicare replacement…


There was a $5 off coupon in the sunday paper last week, if you know anyone who may still have the inserts laying around.

Otherwise, I second the Amazon subscribe and save plan. I just bought replacement brushes and I will tell you DO NOT waste your money on the generic brush heads. I bought some from Bed Bath & Beyond that were "compatible" and they were terrible. Absolutely worthless. All they did was make noise, but the brush head did not move at all. I ended up having to buy new ones through Amazon.


Costco has excellent prices on Sonicare heads.


The subscribe and save really does make a difference on price @hbsurfer17 ! I appreciate your feedback on the BB&B replacement heads @90mcg112 . I was wondering if another brand would work. @drjing Thanks for the info on Costco. I do have a coupon and I think they accept them there at Costco.


To echo the comments already made: Costco and Amazon really seem to be the two best places I've found. Now and then you might find a deal on with a coupon (maybe).

The electronic tooth brush replacements have been going up in price over the last few years. I remember they used to sell four packs for around $18. Now they are 3 packs for $25.

It's also interesting to note: they used to recommend changing your brush head every 6 months. Now they are saying every 3 (like car oil I guess).

If you want to keep costs down, change the brush head every 6. If your dentist visit gives you a manual brush, use that to supplement every now and then if you just have to change every 3 months.


Generic heads seemed to be a good price. But i wanted to comment that each head has nice little magnets in it (opposite end from the brush) Pop them off to play with before you trash the head (but don't let kids eat them - same warnings apply as for Buckyballs - having them pinch together in the digestive system would be really bad). That's why the head is so expensive. It is an integral part of the unique "motor." It doesn't have a spinning motor with gears but instead it directly drives the tooth brush. Considering what the Chinese are doing to rare-earth prices, I expect to see a removeable / reuseable magnet on these heads some time in the future.


@flatboat17: That's fascinating! I definitely will try to dissect the next set of heads that get used!


Try Discount Depot on bonanza. They have wholesale prices on all the Oral b and Sonicare heads. Very fast shipping. We order from them every 3 months. Great prices.