questionswhich free email system is the worst for the rest…


I agree that yahoo and hotmail are riddled with spam. Lycos is even worse. I've stopped using my yahoo account.

I get practically no spam at gmail.


I've been using yahoo mail since before the others existed and never had a hack attack. I like their interface best (usually) and I've got it trained to send 99.9% of the spam to the spam folder.


@samstag: a lot of the spam I was getting was from yahoo groups. I've never been a member of a yahoo group but they found me anyway.

Doesn't matter anymore since I stopped using that account.


I've got a Yahoo account I share with my wife and a Netscape account (they were bought up by AOL years ago but still maintain Netscape as the address). Netscape has far fewer spam hits than the Yahoo.


I disagee on hotmail (if it is @hotmail, then you have the problem). Just get one that is @OUTLOOK. The spammers ignore it and since it is still fairly new, I was able to get a set of addresses with my name and business.


@mtm2: I didn't know netscape still existed!


My hotmail account is over-run with spam. I thought it was because that's the one I use when I sign up for free samples. Until recently I had zero spam at yahoo. I agree with @samstag I like their interface best and have never had any problems.


I still use My yahoo account but the service has been very buggy so I had to open a Gmail account for emergencies when yahoo mail is down. PS I do get spam but it gets stuck in the spam filter and is very easy to erase.


I have good luck w/ yahoo too. It is my account for signing up for samples like someone else mentioned ( sorry this window is blocking your name ! ) and registering to get coupons, so I do get a lot of stuff. But true spam..... it ends up in the spam folder. In fact, it is a little over zealous and often puts non spam stuff there. I have to remember to check.


I think my question was not phrased very well, so I will try again.

Which free email system has the most negative impact on people who don't use it for free email?

For example, hotmail is a constant source of spam and scams. Yahoo is compromised frequently and then used to send out spam to people who know Yahoo users. GMail has privacy issues and seems to want to turn everything that passes through its network into google property for search indexing.

Sure, the users see one set of problems from any free email provider. My focus with this question though is which free email service does the most damage to those who do not actually use it as an email address.


@lparsons42: Maybe I'm not understanding the question still but from what your saying I keep thinking, why would someone have a free email account if they were not going to use it as an email address? What else would they use it for? Do you mean someone that signs up for a free account but then forgets about it and never uses it?


@btalarczyk: Color me confused as well......I'll be back after more caffeine. Maybe.