questionshas anyone noticed a huge increase in junk e-mail…


No. But, after signing up for a free product found on deals.woot? Definitely!


Never and my little black qube says that I have bought a lot of things from woot! When I sign up for a freebie or sample, I always give one of my spam account email addresses.


I haven't received any junk mail or any unnecessary mail from woot at all.

Please there's a diff between woot pages and products and stuff on which are either sponsors or stuff the community posts. woot, for the most part, isn't responsible for the sites and products on deals.woot.


No. But Nothing on deals.woot is sold by Woot. Caveat emptor.


@bsmith1: Alright, you win...ALMOST nothing.


Does woot! still sell things? I check the page before anything else.....well, that's pretty much all that I check. As for junk email? No. My emails are filtered. If you are legit and want to send me an email, do the archaic method that woot! has available for PMs or tag me with an ampersat.