questionsbest deal on micoratx lga775 supporting 16gb ram?


@apfrehm: Not many offerings are likely to fall under your already quoted price of $85 for quad-core motherboards with those requirements just yet... I know what you mean though when you suggest that you'd like it to last for at least a few years - I tire of having to upgrade all the time. Some of my favourite lurks for computer OEM parts are Frys or Newegg... and it so happens that you can save a whole $2 with Newegg :D Not a big difference, but having used them many times, I feel very confident with their Customer Service.

My personal thoughts are that if you really want your computer to last a few years, at this point you need to be working with a newer processor than that board supports, i.e. Intel Core i3/5/7... More expensive, but will be a lot more likely to hold their own against future software requirements.


I'd love an i5 or i7, I just can't afford an all-new system. I can't upgrade my RAM at all with this motherboard, it requires single-sided RAM to use all four slots. Huge oversight. It would cost me nearly $300 just to get me to 8GB, since I currently have double-sided, and then it is maxed out.

i5 would be great, but I would, again, have to get all-new RAM along with the motherboard / processor. A cost I just can't afford right now.

At this point, I just want a motherboard that doesn't limit my RAM because of something silly. That way, I can spread out RAM upgrades over time.

I don't need a screaming new system. What I have now runs Windows Server 2008 R2 just fine. I don't do any gaming on my PC, so it doesn't need that much. The biggest real "want" that I have now is more RAM. So... motherboard it is. That's why I'm looking for a 16GB supporting system, so I can stretch the life of this out a bit longer.


@apfrehm: IMHO, it seems bass ackwards to but put $500 of RAM on a mobo that you aren't willing to pay more than $85 for...


@1rudeboy: Why? No matter where that RAM goes, it will cost the same. Over time, prices will drop. So if I buy a 4GB stick in a month, I double my current RAM for a reasonable price. Four months later, I might be able to afford another 4GB stick, and swap it out with the 2X2GB. Sell those for a little, and I'm on my way to buying the third and fourth.

If I were to start fresh with a i5/i7 motherboard, I would still wind up paying that much on RAM over time, in addition to the cost of the new motherboard + CPU.

There just do not seem to be that many microATX motherboards that support 16GB at any price point. The range seems to be about $85-$125, and I don't care one bit about OC, so the Intel board (so far) seems the most reasonable choice.

Why spend more on a part than you have to, even if other parts are just going to cost a lot? If there is a board that fits the specs I have listed that costs a bit more, point me to it and tell me why it is worth the increase in price.



It sounds like you've been burned in the past with a machine that had to go in the trash prematurely because the memory was the limiting factor and couldn't be upgraded. I feel for you. I've been there.

I'm in the market for a MicroATX LGA775 mobo as well. What's important to me is positive reviews and good audio with optical S/PDIF out. Good video w/ HDMI is a plus as I will be using it as a HTPC and I want to save as many PCI slots as possible. My front runner at the moment happens to be the Intel board you mentioned in your OP. I'm just waiting for it to go on sale or free shipping, etc.

Maybe the Newegg powers at be will eavesdrop on our conversation at hook us up ;)


@1rudeboy: Yep, that's the board I'm looking at as well. I know there's also an ASUS board listed on NewEgg that would work, but I don't trust ASUS anymore. At least not for motherboards.

The board is an Intel board, so other than getting a bad unit I'm not worried about the quality.

Just have to decide whether I want to risk open box or not... but at this point I think I'm done dreaming of a similar board at a better price. Just not going to happen.


@apfrehm: The good news: Newegg has a new promo code for 10% off select mobo's. The bad news: BOXDG43GT isn't one of them. Worse news: It looks like they raised their price. :(


@1rudeboy: Good news - got it at the original price! Glad to hear it wasn't in the 10% group, I about cried when I saw that coupon code and didn't bother seeing what qualified.