questionsdo you believe in any conspiracy theories or are…


For instance I refuse to electronically read because I am afraid that one day the government will control it. Think Fahrenheit 451.


If you read it on the interwebz, it's true. State laws say that anything disclosed on the web must be backed up with facts.


@jsimsace: I read that too! As long as you read it on a website hosted in the U.S. it is required to be truth. The Onion was grandfathered in so they don't have to comply with these laws.


I do believe in some conspiracy theories.... but if I post what I know then they will know that I know and then everyone knows what happens next....


I'm disturbed by the ability of fairy tale creatures to circumvent security systems. Despite all of the electronics and other security measures (attack dogs, firearms) they always get in. You can lock your chimney. You can have no chimney! Santa always gets in and out (with a bag of stuff, no less!) without tripping any of the security alarms. The Tooth Fairy may be small, but she (he?) still has to get in with a coin and out with a tooth, and still evade the alarms. Then there's the Monster Under the Bed, who is some kind or relative of the Monster In The Closet. (Or - is the Tooth Fairy really the Monster when he comes out of the closet?)

In any case, I think they are all working for the government/Control/Illuminati to bring in spy devices and watch every move we make in our homes.


The fear of technology aiding in the invasion and exploitation of privacy is no longer a theory... It's fact. However, as it happened, Facebook did a much better job of it than government.


Ever since I read the Illuminatus trilogy I don't believe anything.

Also, I believe everything.


@eraten: Thanks for understanding my reply and responding appropriately. :) ATC could use a clean-up IMHO.


Yep, I never can get a BOC


None really but a friend and I do try to come up conspiracy theories. For example, I sent a friend this one about ex IMF Managing Dir. Dominique Strauss-Kahn. At the time, he was a leading member in the Socialist Party, an opposition party to past French president Sarkozy, of the UMP. He was the only one deemed capable of defeating Sarkozy in the next election. The US knew Sarkozy would be a better ally than Strass-Kanh and couldn't risk it so they planted the maid and the sex and created the claims of sexual assault. This would create a scandal for him forcing him to resign and no longer be in a position to run.