questionsburberry scarf?


I came in here thinking it was about a blueberry pie eating contest.

I need to start using the bifocals a bit more.



Ah, close, but it's Light Blue, not Pale Blue. They have at least three shades of blue (Blue, Light Blue, and Pale Blue), and she was very specific. Also, she asked for the Giant Check pattern; I may be able to get away with a Nove Check, since it's the Giant Check rotated 45 degrees. I'll poke around some more on eBay, though - I'd forgotten to check there. Thanks!

For anyone who's curious, this is what the pale blue color looks like.

That one's a check pattern, though; the giant check pattern is bigger, but not quite as big as the Mega Check pattern. >_<


Here is one that I found:

Unless she wants the dark blue one:

Good Luck!

Sorry-posted this when you were posting the correct picture



No worries; I appreciate the effort.