questionswhat happens if i block someone on facebook, but…


They should be able to see it I believe.


I think if you click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post, you should be able to filter who sees it. If the person is blocked, they shouldnt be able to see anything from you, but it could be different with a mutual friend.

I imagine your and your friends privacy settings might change the outcome as well.


@thedogma: Unfortunately I can't adjust the privacy settings while posting on a mutual friend's wall, only on my own. That would have been a nice, simple way of making sure though.

Facebook says I don't even show up in searches (and I know he doesn't show up in searches for me anymore) and they can't interact with me, but there is nothing mentioned one way or the other about mutual friends.


If you are trying to hide or keep a secret, Facebook is the last place you should be trying to accomplish it.


@panthiest: If you block a user, they will NOT see any activity you do or post, no matter if it is your wall or another friends. They will not even know you exist on facebook.


Would it be possible for you to simply send your friend a message instead of posting on his/her wall?


@nortonsark Agreed, but it does make planning with groups of people easier. Particularly with my friends- it's kinda like herding cats getting things coordinated.

@jsoko perfect. Thanks.

@captainsuperdawg Yeah, but sometimes it's easier to post on the wall if it involves a few of us so the comments are all there for everyone involved.


it drags your mutual friend into the middle of the fight.


@panthiest: If it involves a group of people, why not just message all those involved?

Another option would be to turn your privacy settings up so that only friends see you and everything you post. That way you don't have to modify each post and then later worry about if your remembered to change the privacy for your single post.


@kamikazeken Not if it doesn't show up for the blocked one.

@mlutz3: another good idea. thanks :)


Dunno, dumped Facebook a long time ago for deals.woot. I find my fellow wooters a lot more exciting than people I never really cared for in highschool. What friends do you have on Facebook that save you TONS of money and make you laugh all day long?


Up with HOPE, Down with DOPE err Facebook....


If it wasn't a first world problem do you think I'd be asking it on a shopping forum?


They won't be able to see it, they won't be able to see anything you do. It's like you erase them from your life completely and you never see anything they post either. If only getting people out of your life were that easy for real!


Bored kid problems?

"Wah, someone is using their expensive computer to connect to a website using their expensive internet connection to leave a question about a relatively minor issue, and I completely fail to see the irony of me commenting about their question."


I'm VERY late but I just wanted to throw in my two cents as I'm a long time Facebook user and quite experienced with Facebook's privacy and all that jazz.

If you block someone, no matter where you go on Facebook, they will NEVER be able to see anything you do, including comments made on a mutual friend's posts. All they will see is that your friend is talking to themselves.

If your Facebook account has anything public on it, said person whom you've blocked will be able to log OUT and see anything you've posted publicly. If they're crazy enough to create a second account just to keep tabs, they can see anything public you've posted. However, as long as they're logged into the account that you have blocked from your end, you're non-existent to them as far as Facebook is concerned.

Also, as a side note, this also means you will never see anything THEY do either. Comments, posts, timeline... nothing. Once you've blocked them, you've basically erased them from your social media life