questionshas anyone else ordered from and…


@jsoko I made a claim using the first link. I didn't know about the mediation page, thanks for the link. If I don't hear back from the claim I will follow the instructions to report the issue to google.


don't even use paypal. just use a real credit card. Any problem arises, spend about 2 minutes disputing the charge, and the funds are almost immediately credited back, the credit card company takes over for you, you're done.


I'd suggest trying to contact them again, but you've apparently done that three times. I know that sometimes these deals sites (not woot, of course!) take FOREVERR to ship.

For instance, I ordered a magazine subscription from Tanga back in early November, and got my first issue last week. I get that a magazine takes a few weeks to process on the publisher's end but that was still kind of excessive. I've got it now and the three years counts from the first issue, so I can't complain too much.

Even with a couple others though, it's taken upwards of 6 weeks. All the same, the lack of response concerns me. Call your credit card and dispute the charge, or do the equivalent with google wallet/ paypal/ whatever you used.

If you can find a phone number, call them and give them a piece of your mind. I did that when an item got lost in the mail and they didnt want to replace it...showed up ay my house two days later.


I'm having the same issue with Dailysteals. I sent them an email today, I will give them 48 hours to respond, then it's chargeback time. I don't mess around trying to get their attention. Money talks and when Visa takes it out of their merchant account, they will want to talk to me.

Good luck resolving your issue. I've had a bad feeling about that merchant.


UPDATE: Google Wallet refunded my credit card right away and sent me a message saying they no longer allow Quirpo (who is also Bidealio) to process orders. So problem solved! Stay away from and


@thelastpiece: Many thanks for the update -- definitely worth knowing about. If there any of their deals posted here it would be a kindness for someone to comment on them and add a link to this Q/A.


Thanks for the info. @drchops, this ought to answer your question from that MW3 game deal.


@okham: lol.. was this that company that I was trying to politely call out for being shady?

I know I remember thinking "wow, this looks pretty scammy," but I can't remember if I ever actually said anything..


@magic cave: I posted a link to this page on every Quirpo and Bidealio deal on the first page of search results for "most recent." I also posted a link to here over on the other thread asking a similar question about Quirpo. Hopefully that's enough to catch peoples attention if they see a deal by either company on here.


Please read this statement from Quirpo regarding the buyout of and any outstanding transactions.


All customers received their orders or a refund.There was a short period of time where their was a transition due to new ownership of bidealio.

If you any questions, feel free to email us at:


I tried to buy something. Price was too good to be true. they charged the card and product never arrived. I disputed the bank charge and showed the email and got my money back. Avoid BIDEALIO.COM SCAM SCAM