questionswhat shoes do you wear that are made for walking?


No suggestion on shoes, but another thumbs-up on Invisible Hand. I've saved a bundle using it.


If you're planning on wearing these for work I'd recommend an actual pair of nursing shoes. Slip-resistant and not fabric. Nurses wear those for a reason. They're easy to clean bodily fluids off of and you won't eat it walking through a mess. Plus they're as comfortable as anything which is a huge plus when you're on your feet for 8-12 hours. OK, so that's more than one reason.


I thought Crocs had some special design shoes that are nurse- and hospital-appropriate; created for that market. Am I wrong?

Anyway check out Great deals on shoes, frequent sales and discounts. They prob do email coupons.


I was going to suggest Merrill's until I saw the under $60 rule...good luck with that.

Easy Spirits, perhaps? Do they make men's shoes?

Nursing shoes are a great idea!


Many medical folks wear clogs. These look like a pretty good deal (breathable leather uppers, cushy soles, arch support) at $70 (with 10% email discount) + shipping;

BTW, you might want to find another place to economize; comfortable, supportive footwear are indispensable if you're going to be on your feet all day on hard floors. Is there a local medical facility that you could wander in (at a slow time) and ask for shoe recommendation from a male nurse or ER doc?


I've found Vans to make one heck of a comfortable shoe. I'd be pretty surprised if you can't find a pair that's all white/ in your price range.

You might also want to consider outlets like DSW or the likes. I've found some really solid steel toed boots there, and I always see straight white sneakers.


Here is an Amazon list of white athletic or casual shoes, size 8.5, wide width, priced less than $60, that have ratings that are 4 stars or higher on average, and that are Prime/FSSS eligible:

Out of those, these Rockports seem to best hit all your marks. Only $51.42.


My PT suggested I purchase a pair of Brooks Shoes. They have different styles with different colored foam that build the soles. Each color is a different stiffness to help improve your walk and help with overall comfortability. I hadn't spent more than $30 on a pair of shoes at Ross since 2004, so when I saw the price tag of $120 I was like HELL NO. But they had a 2-week return policy so I forked the cash over. I know this is over your price range, but it might be worth it for you

Honestly... The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and considered buying a second pair just in case they stop manufacturing before I wear this pair out. My feet don't hut from standing for hours!

My only complaint: I bought white shoes, so now I look like an old man wearing a collard shirt, jeans, and white tennis shoes.

Here's the pair I purchased:

I don't see solid white:(


@joshobra: I am not sure if your nursing program is specific as the one we just went through, but we had to get VERY specific ones. They had to be all leather, non-porous (so blood cant seep through), all white with minimal coloring (if any) and fully enclosed (no open toed or open back). The ones she ended up finding were some New Balance on a clearance rack at Payless that she loves.

Those look great and I have always loved/trusted New Balance. They do have tiny holes, so double check with your Nursing program before you buy.

If you can find these in Mens, they look like they meet all possible criteria:


^^These boots are made for walking


Thanks for all the replies everyone!


Yep. They're for nursing school. I guess I forgot to mention that somewhere.


According to our Nursing manual, they don't want Crocs.


So far they have only one model for mens, priced at $94.


Hmm, that might just work. I hope they have that on Amazon. Well, I kind of wanted my shoes ASAP before the skills lab on Friday. I'm pretty sure there might be a uniform check that day so I want to be ready.

As for wandering in the hospital. Lol. I think I know some people who works in the medical field, I'll give them a call in a bit.


I'll check DSW out!


The Rockports look nice. I'll add that to my list. Thanks!


Wow. That is some expensive shoes! lol. I don't spend much on shoes either. In fact, I only buy one pair of shoes a year. Plus I've been wearing the same pair of slippers for two years now (you could guess how bad it looks right now).



New Balance is pretty reputable. I would consider those too. I'll add those shoes to my list! (To be honest, I have no idea what the numberings next to the shoe size mean).


What else would boots be used for?!!

Well, so far on my research I came across these shoes priced at around $45. Which claims that they're designed for standing (literally).

I was wondering if anyone has something to say for these shoes and which one of these (four) would you wear. (To be honest, I suck at picking designs and would love someone else to pick for me)

Thanks again everyone for helping me out and keep them coming!


@joshobra: thanks for your reply.

Once you settle on something good, do check out the sales at That site is listed constantly at, and I think perhaps they are an Amazon company?