questionsanyone know what happened to the gorilla ladders…


@vinithehat: Yeah, I saw that,
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Household Step Stools
Lawn and Garden Carts

but I don't consider step stools ladders...
I have a 17 foot ladder and they made a 22 foot ladder, both similar to the Little Giant Ladder system, really solid and safe... Do a Google Search and there is not much out there.. The original site shows the ladders but leads no where.... There are some parts on Ebay and craigslist but little else.. :-(


@hobbitss: Sorry, I guess they folded (guffaw)


I've seen some conjecture that Werner ladders are the same company as Gorilla was. They both made identical copies of the Little Giant ladders when the patent lapsed, according to some forum chatter.

There's an eBay selection listing several ladders with "manufacturer details may vary" stamped on them, implying that they're being sold from the same source under different labels. After you asked, I found myself wondering the same.


@smitelight: I have some smaller Werner ladders but the gorilla seems heavier and stronger.. Some of the Gorilla accessories are spot on copies of the Little Giant parts but made of steel instead of Aircraft aluminum...