questionsdo you think tdkr will top the avengers in theā€¦


I think that the Avengers brings together fans of all the different characters, and is a family type film (lots of cartoonish violence but nothing that would be likely to scare anybody). The Dark Knight has only Batman fans to call on (which are plentiful, but I suspect the combined fans of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury outnumber them). And it isn't a family film, even if the action sequences are not more realistically violent than those in the Avengers, the overall tone of the Dark Knight is...well...dark, and not suitable for everyone. The previews for it have been extremely sober and dark, suggesting strongly "this is a movie for grown-ups". So it is targeting a narrower demographic. I don't know if the people who brought their 8-10 year olds (in costume, to the 14 hour marathon, and properly behaved the whole time!) to see Avengers are going to be buying them tickets for the Dark Knight. Cutting the kids will have a big impact.


No, even if every person who went to see The Avengers also went to see TDKR, it would not top the Avengers for the simple reason that TDKR will not be shown in 3D. That added many millions to Avengers' gross. Yes, TDKR will be in shown Imax but there are far fewer Imax screens that 3D-capable screens.


As much as I want it to, I don't think it will. The 3D is what really gave Avengers the edge.

Still can't wait to see it. Midnight premier for sure.


So do you suppose its worth the cost to do Avengers in Imax 3D or just stick with regular ?


@djbowman: the 3d was all done in post, so it won't look as good as it could. I saw it in a regular d and it was still a great movie if not a bit long. Can't imagine having those god awful glasses on for 2 and half hours.


@djbowman: I saw it in IMAX 3D and it was pretty damn awesome. Doing regular 3D this weekend because the GF only saw it in 2D


nope. I don't even want to see it. Batman has already been "rebooted" twice, I'm getting sick of the reboots. The Star Trek reboot pissed me off.


We saw The Avengers this weekend (it was awesome!) and one of the previews was for TDKR. Both Hubby and I were incredibly underwhelmed by what we saw. After the preview, I turned to him, asking if he wanted to go it (hoping he said no) and he asked if I was crazy. Worth noting that he's generally up for anything based on anything comic/nerd/etc.

In short, it may do decently, but if people are anything like us, the previews gave us no reason to care that this movie is coming out.

I think it's time they let this franchise die.

PS: Why are they rebooting Spiderman not that long after they did THREE Spiderman movies and a terrible musical? Let. it. go.


@kamikazeken: This isn't a reboot. It is the 3rd film in the most recent reboot.

I'm actually ok with reboots because you can avoid ruining a good character with endless sequels that always have to "top" the previous installment.

That being said, I'll probably wait for DVD for this one. The 2nd film was fine, but I didn't love it.