questionshave you seen the bizarre new ragu commercial?


Even more lol than the pickled chicken breast...

Though I'm left wondering if the guy eating dinner with the kid was who was with his mother...


@baqui63: hahaha! the kid does have a knowing look on his face...maybe there is more to the story. I still love the song "that's why they taught you you should always knock"


It certainly didn't make me want to grab a jar and make some spaghetti... isn't that what food commercials are supposed to do?


i still think that the ragu commercial where the mom is wearing the spagetti on her head is worse.
series was "what would you do to get your kids to eat dinner" or something similar.


That was just too funny, I haven't seen it yet on tv, thanks for posting! I will forever think of that whenever I see Ragu in the store!!



I was looking at some of the other Ragu commercials on YouTube and saw the one with the totally-non-british couple having a tea party with Ragu in the tea pot.

(It's things like these that occasionally make me regret that I almost always skip all commercials. Though my younger daughter will occasionally point out an especially hilarious one to me via YouTube.)


It reminded me of the Safe Sex For Seniors ad from a few months ago. Sketchy as to NSFW if you haven't seen it.


As a series of commercials, this ad and campaign makes sense, but as a solitary ad it is a bit strange. Funny, but strange.

And, thank you, @jsimsace. I was planning to sleep at some point this month...


I get it. A good spaghetti dinner is something heartwarming from childhood. They're using humor to make the point.

kinda funny, I get it.

I find the food stamp commercials on the radio far more disturbing and strange...

"you use it too?"


@baqui63: @moosezilla: I hadn't seen any of the other commercials either, but when I went to search for this one, other ones kept popping up in the search with similar comments. I will check them out - I didn't watch more than a few seconds of one other yet. I thought it was hilarous and it definitely made me think of the product, so I guess it worked!


@kamikazeken: that is just, well, strange. I wonder how I missed it when it first came out. I guess I get the concept (I always like to play devils advocat here no matter how much I disagree with the concept anyway) but even so it is just creepy and weird.


There's only so much one can say about spaghetti sauce. "It's tomato-riffic!"

This commercial does what it's supposed to do. Gets you to pay attention and notice the product that they're advertising. I think it's funny.


I threw up a little.
I just had a flash back... no just kidding we had locks on our doors in the house.
For the love of god always lock the door.


@caffeine_dude: exactly! Where is the companion beer/vodka commercial for the parents "when you forget to lock your door"


I could have gone without them breaking the spaghetti noodles. After the scene they set up, that was just a bit too much. (Considering how sexual they seemed to make the cooking.)


I wish they would have a 2nd even more disturbing commercial with the kid at a shrink saying "I am not sure why but the bottle of Ragu on spaghetti reminds me of what they were doing in that room, and only makes it worse."

I am not sure I would want my product be synonymous with:
"Mommy and Daddy playing wheel barrel".
"Daddy hurting Mommy"
"moving furniture"
"Daddy rubbing Mommy's back"
"that beautiful thing Mommies and Daddies do"


well i loved the Ragu commercial with the kid who did not knock,,,, maybe cause i am a parent who buys Ragu by the carload and my child too had "that look" lol on her face one time