questionsanyone familiar with itv media player for free tv?


This sounds very fishy to me. All of those shows require licensing, which tends to mean that free isn't a possibility.

I'm sure it'll offer what it says it will, but I very much question the legality of it.

To give you an idea, this is the kind of service that's been busted in many telecomm cases.

Even if it just collects things you can stream online for free anyway, I'm fairly certain it's still piracy, as it would technically circumvent the licensing and copyright.

I would pass.


Likely a scam. Just a collection of content from web sites that are already free to watch. Not to mention the software probably quits working after not being updated for years.


Hello, everyone. As any reputable firm, we go around scanning the Web; and protecting our brand. We understand that many businesses before us may have created illegal, similar systems; just like the ones some of you have described. Hence, our effort in helping people understand that our product is not a scam. We would simply like to add that we are Intel software partners and a highly-rated business by the Better Business Bureau. To learn more about us, please visit: -- Thank you.


@thedogma: Yeah. Its just links to free sites that offer video content like Hulu, ABC news, etc.


It's absolutely a scam. It is disguised as a media player but in reality it is only a menu program with links to content providers, something you can and have easily done yourself. It is described as a player that brings all content directly to the player for you but it only redirects you to the other websites where you have to log in and choose streaming content, if it is available. I could not get PBS to stream live content to me this way, something that the iTVMedia website stated I can do. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. They will not issue refunds under any circumstances. I used a credit card through paypal and have begun a complaint process. Lest you think I am just a complainer, I really wanted this to work out and dump DirecTV. I never complain on forums about companies because I can always work it out with them. But, not this time. They leave me no recourse but to post this message to warn others. BUYER BEWARE!


Like many, many apps for the most part this app is a collection of shortcuts to websites and/or streaming sites on the web that one could search for on their own and collect hundreds of these shortcuts and put them all in a folder on their desktop, homepage or in their browser for free but they have done this for you saving you hours and hours of searching and testing each website and possibly weeding out some of the bad ones and put it all in a neat little package that they call an app and sell for money. Nothing wrong with that and it saves time for their users that are too lazy to do it themselves or don't know how to do it on their own. I personally think it is a little pricey for a 'shortcut app' but also find their advertising to be a little misleading to say the least like many, many of the other thousands of shortcut apps out there for purchase.


It is not piracy - it is just a plain old simple scum! All you are buying is a browser and not a good one at that!!