questionshas anyone else received a new woot! shirt on an…


Yes I have, and no it doesn't bother me that they are made in Bangladesh. What bothers me is the neck. The previous necks fit me perfect, these (I am wearing one as I type this) necks are too big. I can't see myself buying any other Woot shirts that fit like this...


@tarasadies: I'm not necessarily upset they are made in Bangladesh but the fact that we were TOLD they were made in Honduras.


I bought one of March's Random Shirts (actually I bought 3 because I wanted the AA shirts). I'm thinking this will probably be my last shirt purchase.

Too bad Woot changed their supplier because I used to really love their shirts.


@happyknappybeard: Thanks for the link. I first thought it wasn't applicable because I knew I was getting an Anvil shirt but farther in thread I see that there are a few people who are getting Bangladesh sourced shirts. I hope Woot is looking into it for real instead of hoping we don't notice.


@chellemonkey: :)

I remembered this question popping up but under a hard to search title. I have yet to purchase a Bangla-classic so I couldn't really provide other feedback.


Didn't @narfcake discover this recently? I seem to remember a conversation and photos over on Shirt.woot.
Personally, I hate having shirts up around my neck and have been known to cut the ribbing off and re-hem the neck. Yeah, I'm weird, and these wider necked shirts have made me rethink my decision NOT to buy the Anvils. HATE the belling out at the bottom and the bigger sleeves.

Edit: Found it:


@happyknappybeard: Haha ... thanks for spreading the word. What really gets me that they should know that on the most part, Wooters are informed customers. And by NOT passing on such critical information ... well, some of us get peeved.


This may have been asked, but..
Why didn't they keep the AA blanks and raise prices? If you go in AA and buy a tshirt it's eleventy billion dollars. I always thought it odd to get one that had been printed on for less than half the cost of what they retail for blank in stores.
In a way, I'm kind of glad they didn't as I was starting to develop a bit of a shirt.problem and the switch makes that a non issue.


I feel like you guys would be surprised to know where your computers, your cell phones, your TVs, your blu-ray players, your video game consoles, or your stereos came from.

You act like it such a crime to have a tshirt made outside of America. If you're boycotting this why not through out all the rest of that stuff as well?


@defragmeout: Profits. They raised prices in January AND switched to blanks that wholesale are $2-3 less.

As for curing habits ... yeah! I did NOT buy 14 shirts since the changeover already.

(FWIW, I have around 270 Woot shirts.)


@gideonfrost: For me it isn't about that so much as the crap fit of the Anvil shirt and the fact that they raised the price slightly in this change over, so why not just raise it more and keep the good shirt?
I've not bought many a band shirt over the years because a lot of them are Anvil and they fit wonky. From what I've heard about them recently, nothing has changed.
@narfcake I only have about thirty, most of which were purchased for me on random days by Mr Frag. In the past three months, I bought three shirts for me and one for him. That's not really a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I usually don't buy clothes often, so it was kind of a big deal for me.


@gideonfrost: you miss the point... they switched from a high-quality US made shirt to a lower-quality foreign made shirt that is cheaper, all while raising prices.

I know my electronics are made overseas, and I'm generally OK with that.


Woot is a business. Yes a fun business but people don't start businesses with the goal of "I'm gonna break even" of course woot wants to make a profit here, and yes as much as they can that's the goal of a business usually. However woot has said that with the extra money they can begin to do more, and I believe them. So who knows what this added revenue is going to fund.

Lets stop playing dumb and pretending we're just friends with Woot we're also the people who pay for their luxury yachts and caviar.

I have some Anvil shirts from woot and I can't tell a huge difference in quality the only difference I can tell is the neck hole is bigger. That's not gonna kill me it's just gonna show off my manly chest hair better!


@defragmeout: AA sells t-shirts? I thought it was a twelve step program or something like that. I just assumed that once you completed the program they would GIVE you one.


@gideonfrost: Yeah, they are a business. That's cool. That's why I say raise prices.
You're a dude. Grats on the new shirts fitting you. I've not heard good things about the women's shirts. So it goes.
Enjoy rocking the manly chest hair.


Another interesting point to be made is that if this product is so inferior then people will stop buying it and woot will have to work to regain it's customer base in some way. Either lowering prices or changing blanks. So in essence the market will decide what happens here.

I for one will continue buying shirts from Woot if I think they're funny or well designed. I won't be too upset about my money going to a worker in Honduras or Bangladesh over a worker in the US. Because they're just as human and just as needing of the money, and just as worthy of a good life. Regardless of the imaginary lines that divide us.

Go ahead and downvote me as much as you want in the name of patriotism. The US has less than 10% of the worlds population if you only wanna care about them so be it.


I just got my ProCATStination shirt and got an AA one. I guess I got lucky.


@gideonfrost: As far as I can tell, it's been funding the side sales. Which in the grand scheme of things, haven't been doing too well. The majority of them have ended up on the shirt.woot rarities list.

FWIW, many folks have cut their purchases. Read through the thread - very few have commended on how the ladies shirts fit now; instead, you'll mostly find complaints.