questionsdoes anyone know of a keurig coffee maker off…


I've been seeing some show up in thrift shops, usually priced in the $15-30 range. Buy from one that has a return policy.

Hit and miss, of course.


Mr. Coffee makes one for $75.99 w/ free shipping at


I don't think I will be buying a expensive machine to make me coffee for fifty cents a cup (at least)


@videowallart: If you get the machine cheap, then it wouldn't sting as much.

I have the pod machines instead of the K-cups. At full price, it would be hard to justify. For the $8 I paid for my barely used Philips Senseo, the price per cup now isn't so bad.


With the 'My K-Cup' or a Solofill/EkoBrew you can cut down on the cost per cup. I can usually brew 2-3 large cups from the 'My K-Cup' before it gets watery and weak tasting. Also, fun fact, if you cram a tea bag under the (cleaned) filter basket you can make a pretty decent cup of tea or two.

If you do end up finding a cheap machine I would recommend any of those to keep the costs down. Just make sure that your coffee is ground a little finer than, say, Folgers.


@videowallart: It isnt even close to .50 per cup and with the patent from GM expiring they are about to get alot cheaper. But, todays price is still WELL below .50 per kcup and you can always use other items that (not ekobrew...) take the place of the actual kcup and make the cost per cup alot cheaper. But again, GM is getting hammered in the stock market of late cause most are realizing their patent expires soon which opens the door for other alternatives that are just as good and alot cheaper which will force GM to lower the price on theirs even more. (continued below)...


@itsme1964: As far as the actual brewer, I've tried several but never did find anything as good as my Keurig, although others may have a differing opinions. Some people love a particular product while others hate the same product and this is certainly true with Keurigs. I LOVE mine and was quite pleased when my 3 year old keurig died, 2 years past the warranty and 8 minutes on the phone with Keurig and they were shipping me a brand new top of the line model + free coffee, at no cost to me. Just had to spend $1.30 to ship them back the plastic kcup holder. And I love my Keurig!! In fact, just took 2 minutes and am now enjoying a tasty cup of Tullys Italian...MMMM...MMMMM...Goooood!


I am the only one in my household that drinks coffee and have been wanting a Keurig coffee maker for sometime now. I couldn't justify spending a huge amount of money on making coffee. Hamilton Beach finally has one called the Flexbrew. It costs a fraction of the price for about $50. I purchased one at Lowe's. They are also available online at Amazon, Walmart, Meijer, etc. I couldn't be happier with this product. Not only is the cost of this maker in my budget, it makes a great cup of coffee. This coffee maker is a breeze to use and the taste is great!