questionswhat do you know about redbox?


That large red box? All the DVDs are there. And make sure to be nice to that man in the box, or you're going home with Gigli.

Personally, I think it's a great business plan, but I miss video stores and wandering up and down the aisles to find a random movie.


Never heard about them... use Netflix. Are these folks better?


I use them on occasion. The cool part is you can return them to any other red box no problem. I forgot I had one in the car and drove an hour from home and was able to return it there. I see now that you already mentioned that. You can also reserve movies online. If you enter a specific machine, they'll tell you if the movie is in it and hold at least one until you get there.

Pro tip: try codes dvdonme and breakroom for a free nights rental. If you have multiple cards you can use them once per card. I used them each on my two cards then banks changed and used them again when they issued my new cards.


@pmiszczyk: It's a vending machine with mostly newer releases for $1 a night. Is it better? Depends on what you're looking for. Redbox has newer releases usually, and you can get your movie right away. Netflix has a larger catalog (especially if you're doing DVD-by-mail), but tends to get releases later, and you have to wait.


@mphdavid: They keep track of levels of demand at different machines. Each machine does a "call-home" every so often, so the company can keep track of inventory levels at different locations. It's all computer-controlled, in the end. They've got statistics on market tendencies in different areas, which acts as a first estimate of how many of different movies they need to send out.

I've seen a guy refilling the machine a couple times. They've just got a giant spindle with probably a couple hundred disks on it. Each disk has a little bar code near the middle hole, and that's how the machine sorts the disks.


Is the little man in the Red Box machine related to the one that turns on the light when I open my refrigerator?


@pmiszczyk: I droped cable two years ago and went to OTA tv stations and Netflix. When Netflix started charging for DVD's by mail, I cancled the mailorder part and now use Redbox to supplement the Netflix subscription so I can get new releases and still watch a good amount of tv. There are four Redbox locations within about 3 blocks of my home so it is very convenient. Personally I don't even miss the cable and it is much cheaper this way. If you allow them to text you. They will send you a free rental code about once a month!


But have you ever seen anyone working on one? When do they put the movies in for Tuesday releases?


Join their email club. every so often they email you with the latest releases. They have an app for at least the Android that lets you locate nearby boxes and look to see what movies it has in stock. Newer high desired movies can be hard to find for a couple days.

Can't beat the price and ease. There are about 10 red boxes with in 3 miles of my house.


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One thing I LOVE about RedBox, is that you can reserve the titles on-line and pre-pay for a store you will be going to (each RedBox has different content). A couple of years ago, my Mom (not computer or internet able) wanted to see a movie that was on DVD. I checked the RedBox availability from my PC (1,400 miles across the US from her location), reserved and paid for the movie for her. She got it at the same time she got her groceries with the conf code I gave her. As long as she brought the movie back the next day by 9pm, it was only $1.16.

Some McD's have RedBox locations because McD's helped RedBox get off the ground in their infant stages. Now that CoinStar ownes them, you're going to see them in most CVS stores.

Funny to see people return dvd's in their pj's and slippers to make the 9pm cut-off.


There's a huge carousel inside, and they leave some slots blank for returns. Presumably, once someone returns a movie that wasn't in the machine, it then becomes available for rent, but I can't confirm that. I've never seen them being worked on in person but you can find videos online of such.


I love them! I rented movies for almost a year for FREE!! There are free rental codes all over the internet and you can sign up for free codes by text. Used to be every Monday, now it's once a month. But with 4 cell phones in the house that's alot of free rentals. You can also use most of the codes over and over with different bank cards/credit cards.


The one that we use is serviced on Tuesday mornings. The guy comes in and loads all the new movies and removes the one that are slated to disappear. I asked him how he got the job and he said that he'd been doing it since the beginning and he found it on Craig's List. He services a regional district. He said that as more and more machines are added, he had the option of splitting his district, but that he chose to keep it all and work more. When he started it was a part time supplemental kind of thing and now it's a extremely busy full time job.


@thepacezoo I thought about signing up the other cell phones in my house for free rental code texts, but figured they'd all show up on the same day anyways. Do you find that's the case or do they stagger to different phones?


what I know is a guy near me owns about 24 machines, pays a few people 15 bucks an hour to fill'em and maintain them and he just but a new porsche last week.


I think all the free rental codes come out on Monday but are staggered as to witch week they of the month they are sent out to ensure the most popular titles are checked out of the machine and the less popular titles can be replaced with the new releases.


I know I blew a good chance with them.

Story time: back before when they were just getting ready to come out, I saw an ad for a vending route. Only needed 1500 per machine. It was said they would deliver movies to people. I thought this was a stupid idea. Probably the studipest ever made. Who in their right mind would order a movie from a vending machine.

So fast forward to where we are. Yup I screwed the pooch on that one.


@mkentosh: Da-yam, that's a lot of $1 rentals...