questionswhat's the best deal you've found this season?


Okay, I'll start. I got the Brave Five Disc Set with Blu Ray, 3D Blu Ray, etc etc for $8 delivered from Sears. I got a few of them for gifts. The deal was posted here at Deals.Woot... thank you! Great deal!


I will exclude my lucky Ebay Bids (even though they were way better), but I did get the $10 Target Gift Card promo and then a week later use that $10 gift card to participate in Target's B2G1Free Wii-U promo and chose the following:

(1) Mario - $59.99
(2) ZombieU - $59.99
(3) Skylanders Giants Starter Pack - $79.99 on sale for $49.99. (FREE)
Subtotal: $119.98
- $10 Target Promo Gift Card
Subtotal: $109.98
- 5% Target Red Card ($5.50)
= $104.48
+ 6.75% Tax

Then I listed & sold the Skylanders Game on Ebay for $64.99 + S&H. (minus Ebay/PayPal/Shipping Fees) I got roughly $56 for it.

$111.53 - $56 = $55.53.

So I got Mario-U & Zombie-U for $27.77/each

Not too shabby IMO


I bought a brand new, never opened, in the box, 8 ft high blow up snow man for my front lawn at an estate sale this past weekend for ..... $2.00


Doctor Who: Limited Edition Giftset for $119.99. Retail price is $249.99, my friend, lucky enough had a 20% off coupon at Barnes & Noble, original price without coupon was $149.99.


I picked up some new pants and a blazer at Banana Republic at 50% off. I really needed a new pair of black pants, so I've been really happy.


I got an Apen for my mother for her Ipad. She's always taking notes at church on a notepad but uses her ipad to view her bible, so this way all the notes she takes by hand can later be uploaded onto her ipad. I'm really excited to give it to her.

Retails at $99 and I got it online for $49


6-foot pre-lit tree for $30. Thank you Target.


Nifty new coat at Old Navy for half off. I will love this thing forever, or more likely a season or two until it falls apart. But those are going to be some toasty warm seasons, let me tell you. It's survived a visit to snow, several hours waiting in line for the Hobbit, and repels water like a charm.

(As someone who is inclined to catch every cold very easily, it's helping a lot.)


Fitbit One for $45 (typically $100) when Verizon screwed up their pricing a few weeks ago. Verizon priced it at $60 (like the Fitbit Zip), and then gave me another 25% off with my corporate discount. I've been getting a lot of use out of that little bugger!


I got several "melting clocks" from ThinkGeek for $5 each and free shipping. Great gag gifts!