questionsdid you see amazon's new woot e-mail?


75% off huh? Well, even the refurbished Wacom UCTH470 being sold today is refurbished at $49.99

You can get it from Amazon directly and brand new for $67.99:

That's only 26.4% off. You would be hard pressed to find anything that's at 75% off Amazon's prices here on woot even if comparing refurbished with new.

Suppose they can say UP TO and get away with any number. Why not say up to 99% off?


Forgot to calculate differences in shipping. Woot = $5, Amaon = $0.

For the Wacom, that makes it a 19.2% discount from a refurbished to a new.


@cengland0: 75% off retail prices, not Amazon prices.


Amazon shipping isn't free for everyone by a long shot, and the assumption that it has the lowest price on anything is dicey too.


@editorkid: Shipping is free for everyone if you only shop supersaver items and spend at least $25. You're right, though, assuming they have the lowest price would be a bad move. I shop around for absolutely everything - and they usually do have the low price. But I never assume.

As to the OP - that is interesting. I suppose it's just the next step toward dismantling WOOT's identity and integrating it into the whole.


@mamajamerson: Before the Spouse and I bought Prime, there were frequent questions from one of us to the other: "I'm making an Amazon order -- anything you need? I need about $x.xx to get free shipping." Our wish lists always had available items.

As for dismantling, I fear you're correct.


Woot is referred to as a corner but I wonder if up in Seattle they consider woot to be more like a frayed edge


@dencowboy: Our corner is very new and shiny. We even have the best on-campus coffee shop in our building. (Suck it, Dawson.)