questionsare you going to black friday on thursday?


I hate it, but the wife is going with a friend of ours. Hope they get back without being trampled.


If we go out for the early Black Friday deals, we'll make it a family affair!


Nope. It makes me all Bah-Humbuggy to think about Christmas out of order.

Somebody has to make a fist against the money-grubbing stores, although my tiny fist won't make a difference in the least. Retailers have almost ruined the excitement and anticipation of any holiday by forcing Christmas decorations beside the Halloween candy, constant buy-and-be-HAPPY-for-the-HOLIDAYS ads, displays, etc. What happened to "hand turkeys" & being Thankful?

I want my holidays in order. I want to wave my flags in the summer, carve my pumpkins in the fall, feast with family in November, and enjoy the TWELVE days of Christmas, not twelve WEEKS.

I'm gonna bake with one daughter today and get the table settings ready to go for tomorrow. And tomorrow, I'll cook like a mad chef while I watch the parade and contemplate how best to convince my husband and son that getting the Christmas decorations down from the overhead this weekend might not be such a bad idea since we have the motherlode.


I don't like it, but there are some things that my friends and I want so we are going. Except for one item my best friend wants (a TV), the other stuff we want is probably not all that hotly competed and we could wait till morning, but the TVs are going to fly off the shelves. However, while I am not in love with the idea of going out on Thanksgiving evening, I kind of like staying up a bit late on Thursday better than setting my alarm for 4am on Friday. Sleeping in on Friday sounds very nice, as I am hosting a gaming party that afternoon and evening and I'll be a lot less cranky with some sleep. So I'll be in line at Walmart while on the phone with Dell trying to buy a computer.


@lavikinga: I agree, although I shop all year so as far as shopping goes it's the 12 months of Christmas for me. I usually decorate for Christmas on the Friday after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday. So I need to decide post haste if I am putting up the tree this year or doing a smaller decoration.


I'm undecided....but contemplating it nonetheless.