questionscare to take a gander at my woot mountain of crap…


Welcome back, and happy Christmas in November!

edit: To answer your question, I've never been in a situation like yours. My biggest unboxing event was the time I mailed some stuff to myself, and got home before it did. I was in France for two weeks, and I had bought so many gifts for family and friends I had to mail it all in two shipments. The first box got there one day before I got back, and the other arrived a few days after I did. best unboxing story, and the box of stuff wasn't even for me.


That is exactly what it is like for me when I return from Bolivia. Merry Christmas! It really is like Santa Claus has visited. Have fun!


@rprebel: Thanks :D

I didn't have enough room in my post to say it, but I just wanted to also take this opportunity to just thank woot as well as all the woot staff, and the logistics that go into making the woot-offs, along with all side events. Just awesome. LOVE you guys!


I also have a hefty package from the first official Wootizen BOC exchange, which I've been waiting anxiously to get home to open!

@erinaine appears to have gone above and beyond with my BOC, and I feels deserves it's own post. Expect one soon! Thank you SO MUCH in advance @erinaine! I can't wait to share!!!


nice stash. the recycle guy will wonder what the heck happened!

my biggest un-boxing event was when I was about 9 or 10 when my sister and I decided we were going to peek at a Christmas present. We saw and re-taped. Christmas morning there was a massive pile of presents. We each went through 25 or 30 presents that had things like silverware, mugs, mail, empty containers randomly thrown in & each with a piece of paper that read 'I saw you peek'. my mom never even laughed. Never looked early again. Still haven't!


Nice :D [edit] Just out of curiosity, were any of those BOCs? [/edit]

@dmaz: Am I an alcoholic or do I remember you saying you lived in China at one point too?
(Just kidding, I know I'm an alcoholic.)


I spent two years in Brazil myself, way back in 1978. I was there with my dad, who was helping to build an electric power plant there. What kind of work are you doing in Brazil, and where?


@jeeperwoot: my parents used to always be amazed by how fast my sister and I figured out how to play all the games we got- we'd open em, play em, then pack them back up


Welcome back, and enjoying your gigantic pile of woot!


Nice @dmaz!

My biggest one comes on a woot-off where I order a TON of stuff. I have it all delivered to my job for multiple reasons, and sometimes a lot of it will get there before I do! Once I had a couple big boxes, and then the mail lady also left one of those Post Office trays full of stuff (and that was just one days!). By time I got there, another few boxes had arrived. Best day of work ever...I spent a decent portion of my day opening all of it! :)


This post makes me very happy! (Welcome back!)


@drchops: I can't - and don't want!- to comment on whether you're an alcoholic (if so, please seek treatment), but your memory is correct (so Korsakoff's syndrome hasn't set in) that @dmaz used to live in China.


I want to know what's in the boxes!


@jeeperwoot: I find that story hilarious! You got your comeuppance, didn't you? Thanks for the laugh. :)


@drchops: haha, you are correct! I actually met my Brazilian wife in China :)


@baybei: Sounds like a blast! :)
While I'm just buying stuff for my wife right now, I plan on eventually introducing her to woot as well...I can imagine the woot off spendings will increase slightly at that point ;)