questionswhat is a good shoe for a women with a bunion?


All I can tell you from living with someone with a similar problem is this:

* Flats are best.
* A wider size is more comfortable.
* Certain open-toed shoes work well as long as you aren't overly paranoid about the way your bunions look.
* As far a sneakers/athletic shoes, ones with a mesh type material for the uppers are much more forgiving and comfortable. New Balance offers a wide selection of. . .well. . .wide sizes.

My wife is thinking about having surgery to correct her problem feet this winter, but it's a fairly long recovery, so she's been putting it off for awhile now. She has Neuroma, while not the same as bunions, it seems to me that the shoe needs are mostly the same.


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I can't speak from a bunion standpoint, but I know when it comes to comfortable shoes that are wider my mother has sworn by Easy Spirit for years. She also really seems to enjoy the Crocs shoes as well.

Keep in mind too a little bit of advice she passed onto me - In the summer your feet are going to swell a bit. If you are in doubt on a shoe size you should pick the slightly larger shoe. That way, when it gets hot outside, your shoes still fit nicely and comfortably rather than too tight.


Spend the money and get a shoe stretcher with a bunion attachment (get a good one - over $50). My podiatrist recommended it, then surgery as a total last resort. Not many shoes are bunion friendly. If an athletic shoe is an option, Nike makes an all mesh shoe with a sole; it feels like wearing socks -- love mine!


One that removes the bunion. Now THAT, is a good shoe!