questionswhat is there to do in loveland, co?


Go to the airport. They have a flight school and a helicopter school. With 3 weeks, you could leave there a pilot!


I've heard that every day's a holiday and their skies are always blue.


If you can get to Estes Park, a little west of Loveland, go to Rocky Mountain National Park. There are lots of animals to see and some breath taking views.

You can also visit the Stanley Inn in Estes Park. This is the hotel where Steven King wrote the The Shining.

I've heard that the roads to Estes Park were hit pretty hard by the floods and that access by be limited.


Garden of the Gods is a great day trip and the Broncos are kicking butt so far this season!


@turbinator42: except when there's 10 ft of water?

@Magic Cave: I swim well. I've also got my PADI cert

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm waiting at the gate to board now. Keep them coming!


[hoping you still have access to this site while traveling]

It just dawned on me that (aside from the hassle of being away from home for an extended time) this could be a really great professional opportunity for you. Good luck, and do try to let us know how things are going up there for you.


Hope you get to see this. I lived in Colorado many (too many) years ago. If you decide to head down to Denver, maybe to do some shopping, go on a Sunday at the time the Denver Broncos are playing. Denver people are crazy about their Broncos; they will glued to their TV sets (or for the lucky few, at the stadium). So if you want to avoid crowds, go during the football game.


I don't know much about Loveland specifically, but I grew up in Louisville which isn't far from there.

I always recommend Pearl St. in Boulder on a weekend evening. There are usually some great street performers and some pretty good people watching, but I would suggest trying to do it before it gets too cold (if the zip code guy is still there, he's pretty amazing).

As it cools off, Eldora is one of the closer ski resorts. It's not as good as some of the others, but it can beat traffic on I-70.

I second the vote for Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, but hold off on that one until the government reopens...

And a final bit of advise, be careful about getting too close to Greeley. It's nice enough and I would feel safe there, but it has a stinky reputation for a reason.

Enjoy and welcome to colorful Colorado!


Find out where South Park is?