questionsis anyone else have issues with the their cart?


Yes. The Cart seems to be broken. Monte needs to come by and iron out that bum wheel.


There are multiple questions about server issues on Woot, so it's likely there's a problem of some sort.


Yup! I couldn't even get to the main page for a while!


Hey guys- Sorry for the delayed response, but as you all noticed, we were having some trouble earlier. Things seem to be back up and running if you'd like to try and place your orders again.


@manhandsha: How do you STILL have a white box? Buy something with those man hands!


FYI to OP - hastags don't add anything here, the word in the tag space is enough.

#unlessyoujustliketospeakinhashtags ;)


@thumperchick: I have a white box on this account, but on my purchasing account, it's that poopy brown. Haha! I actually just spent $58 on socks on Cyber Monday.


@thumperchick: This was my first forum post, so no hashtags going forward. I did crack myself up while writing the post, which helped get over the frustration of lost cart items.


Not much to say but shame on woot ordered 2 diamond dust pendents on dec 7 have not received anything contacted woot st least 5 emails nothing back ..
Christmas presents for family didnt have money to replace with other gifts...
Shame on u woot...
I can not believe amazon is associated with u..
Amazon best customer service in the world
.i will make it my lifes work to put woot on blast but after reseaching i c now that they do this to alot of people they r burying themselves...
Shame on u woot