questionsis it possible to use home theater speakers in…


Wow this question brings me back some 18 years ago. I think we decided it was a bad idea because of the ohms are different. I do not recall the details.
I think the speakers for auto were designed to be in the humidity and extreme temperatures.
I think that it will sound weak but it was 18 years ago.

Cheaper to pick up some used equipment? Garage sale? craigslist?

Like we used to say if the bass does not blur your vision time to upgrade.
Like I say now, I am not too sure that sitting in a car with bass that would blur my vision was such a good idea.


You can, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Just go to Walmart and spend $20 on a cheap set of Jensens or something. Got any flea markets in the area? That's your best bet.


You can but do you want to be that guy?


You'd end up frying them very quickly.


@caffeine_dude: Yes, the ohms are different. Home speakers are generally 8 to 12ohms where car speakers are 6 and below.

Not only that, but the power that home speakers can handle is usually lower than what a car speaker can handle. Think about a home theater system. Usually they have about 6 speakers, 2 fronts, 2 rears, 1 center, and 1 sub. Most home theater systems provide about 1k to 1.2k watts of power, but that's divided up between 6 different speakers. The amp that I used to have in my car was 1k watts pushing to 2 10 inch subs, so approx 500 watts a pop.

The voltage won't have anything to do with it, just because it's coming out of the stereo in your car or your home, which is only pushing about 2 or 3 volts, and your car stereo is going to push about the same voltage.

The last thing that I would say is the speaker set up is different. With a home speaker, it's set up to disperse the sound around, where a car is meant more to contain it in the car and just be loud.


@bielzebub: I looked at the sub-woofer that I had and you're right. It says that its 8 ohms. It's a shame that no solution can ever be as simple as it seems in your head.

Can anyone recommend a good budget sub-woofer company? Pyle and Pyramid seem pretty cheap but do you really get what you pay for? Is it cheaper to buy a sub, box, and amp all together or buy them separately and do it yourself?


@gopvifootball: I would recommend Rockford fosgate. Yes, they are sold at Walmart, but they aren't too terribly bad. Yes, you do get what you pay for, especially with subs. The thing about subs is that you have to have a decent amp. You can get decent stuff at the midrange level that will sound good.