questionsdid you hear newsweek to stop print publication?


It's been so bad for so long, I'm really not surprised. I picked up one at the airport not long ago and found the layout to be nearly unreadable. Everything looks like ads.


Wow. That is so surprising. I didn't see this coming at all. /s

From Forbes:

"In [the] Tina Brown era, supposedly the dawn of a new attitude, Newsweek has gyrated through a series of increasingly embarrassing attempts to goose its traffic by trying on different attitudes like cheap suits. There was the “if Princess Di were alive” business, Niall Ferguson’s error-ridden attack on Barack Obama, Andrew Sullivan’s Obama hagiography, and most recently, a piece purporting to prove that “heaven is real,” repeating about 50 bestselling mass-market books and Parade magazine covers of the past decade, but of course doing no such thing."



I got some free subscription to it at some point and the magazine is totally one sided now not to mention horrible writing etc.... I was getting ready to call and ask them to stop sending it its so bad .

Goes to show a free service so bad I call and ask them to stop . Sounds like I dont have to make that phone call now


Well, at least it'll save a tree or two...


@djbowman: I like how you're criticizing the publication's poor writing with, wait for it, poor writing!


About 3 weeks ago our local paper went from 7 days a week to Wed, Fri, and Sun. Won't be long before someone says "what's a book?" or "what's a paper?"


@mtm2: I think the concept of a book will always stay, but the notion of what format that is will be vastly different.

Books don't lose the essence of what makes them a book by not being printed.

Papers though, yeah.


@inkycatz: I'm not sure I agree with the concept of "don't lose the essence" when it's in e format. There is something to being able to hold a book, write in the margin, etc. While the concept of doing these things may be available in e format, it just isn't the same


Honestly I'm surprised that more magazines haven't stopped already.


@rprebel: In one of her recent tweets, she told Bill Maher that hell is real. That went over real well.


@royceeddington: i couldn't find that tweet, but I'm sure he was respectful. lol no, he's a d-bag. He's not wrong, though.


At one point a long time ago - about 30 years - both Newsweek and Time were a really great way to keep current with what was going on at the time (each had its own bias so most people read one or the other but not both in my experience)


I was getting ready to call and ask them to stop sending it its so bad .