questionswhat is a duplicate post on deals.woot?


Wait for it...I'm working on it!


A duplicate post is the second post of the same deal.
Same product, same price, same store, same event.


A common question.
When I searched for it, the deal was not there. Why not?
Answer: While you were searching for it, I was posting it. Your déjà vu didn’t find it because I wasn’t finished yet. I hit submit before you did. Yours is the duplicate.


A not-so-common exception.

Sometime between the creation of a duplicate tattle and our action upon verification of the duplicate tattle, the duplicate itself receives enough comments and votes to become popular. If we determine that the thread of the popular duplicate deal is more valuable to the community, we will preserve the popular deal and remove the original.


This is how a "duplicate" tattle looks.

Woot user dealsmod1 had this to say about: Tattles

(this is the duplicate deal you tattled on)
(this is the original deal you found that caused the deal above to be a duplicate)

Posting the original deal also in your comments would be the most efficient way to get to duplicate taken care of. Thanks. Hopefully this helps.


Now if only this was in one of those "FAQ" or "sticky" thingies so it won't be under 6 feet of questions within the next few days.

Just sayin', heard all the cool sites are doing it...


I know I've said this before, but I can't find it now. Finding and deleting duplicate deals are great, when we're talking about things that are relatively recent. There's always a race (or it seems so) to post the newest whatchamacallit from Meritline, for example. I'm never surprised to see duplicates on those. It's frustrating, albeit in an academic sense, because I just don't post that many deals, and I've never been hit with a delete on duplicate for myself.

Why is it frustrating? Because the current rules are, no matter how long ago the deal was posted, if it already exists on the site, and someone posts it again, Whammo! it's gone. Sure, anyone who's determined can do a search, and find it, and take advantage of it, but most people that visit the site looking for deals don't seem to wander too far afield from the Popular page.

I'd still like to see an analog to RIP, where deals could be retired after three months.

So it goes.


@jumbowoot: In the duplicate tattle, you posted the deal that was being tattled on and the original deal.

Is a tattle linked to a deal or does it just go into a bin with other tattles on different deals?

I just assumed (yes, I know what assuming does) that a tattle was linked to the specific deal that you were tattling on and that there would be no need to post a link in the tattle to the deal you were tattling on. (I also believe that computers are magic boxes, so I have weird ideas on how they work)


@theoneill555: Is that a tounge twister or do I need more coffee?:)


@oheifearnain: :) Actually I needed a Coke.

In jumbowoot's example of tattling on a duplicate, he put a link to the duplicate and a link to the original. I thought it was overkill, as I thought that the tattle itself was linked to the deal. (...and it still sounds like a tongue twister - dang, I need a white board and some markers)


@theoneill555: The post above was copied from the tattle email that we receive.

The link to the duplicate deal you are tattling on is included automatically (provided you are tattling from that duplicate deal). You do not have to provide the link to the deal you are tattling on.

We are requesting that you supply us with the link to the original or what you believe to be the original. This will help us take action on it. It would also help if you identified the link to the original post as "Original Post".


@jumbowoot: Thank you, that cleared up my confusion.

Glad to hear that I haven't been doing it wrong when I tattle on those nasty duplicates.


@jumbowoot: The dialog "duplicate" which is the first one on the drop down is the only word shown unless one scrolls down. I did not know that and misunderstood. Also, when I have "tattled" on what I believed to be inappropriate items, I saw duplicate and thought it meant someone else had already done so. I also haa assumed that the tattle was attached to the post so that a mod could see what it was that was being tattled upon. That is why I misunderstood. My bad.