questionsdo you give the "suggested donation" to museums?


Me, too. I like to see how well I enjoyed it before making my donation. Also, in some cases there are specific donation areas inside that I want to donate to, and if I have already donated at the door I may not have enough to donate to the specific areas.


Based on experience, but at least the suggested amount. I tend to round up too, so $8 often means $10 instead.


I go through first, then give based on what the exhibits seem to be worth ("worth" in terms of quality, in terms of how well they are presented, how much info is given, and how helpful & friendly the staff are). I will usually give more if the museum exhibits something that is of particular interest to me.


Absolutely give the suggested amount unless it's close to a full bill like @narfcake said. The I would round up.

Museums may seem free but how else do they get funds for the staff and exhibits? Not all museums are not-for-profit and not all of them receive grant money.

There is a trend where museums are renting out space for your parties, Selling souvenirs at the gift shop, receiving money to use the location for filming locations or renting out their exhibits.

The amount you "donate" at the door is just one of the ways they need to make money to stay in business. If people stopped giving them funds, they would have to go away like the dinosaurs they showcase.


It depends - if I am going to hit an exhibit that takes multiple days, I don't pay each time I go. I treat it like tipping a bartender, you don't get a tip for each drink, but at the end of the night I'm going to settle up and make it right.


Yeah, I'm a rounder upper. I do the donation regardless of my liking it or not. It's not a freaking bar where you tip if the service or exhibits are good or not. If it turns out if I don't like the exhibit or the general experience, I probably won't return or wait for an exhibit I do like.


I give what I can. The Met is $25 now. Not only is that a lot for me, but I usually don't spend that much time in a museum. . . my attention span is too short for me to make a whole day of it.


Do they accept PayPal? Online is about as close to a museum as I am likely to get. :(


@jsimsace: Never been to one that accepted PayPal (while in the building). But, I'm sure it's to come.