questionswhat's the dealeo with so few people posting…


Here's my comment. Does that help?


Not sure if you're referencing a specific day, but if so, there are always fewer people participating on the weekends.

Otherwise, there has been what seems to be a slow but steady dropoff in participation in ATC and the comments side of deals.woot. Not exactly sure why; maybe it's the fact that many of the deals can be found via google or retailmenot, maybe it's the random and ambiguous nature of the rule-making and -enforcing, or maybe it's just not as cool any more. Take your pick. It seems to me like this would be the busiest time of the year for a site like this, but it isn't.


I would assume some of it has to do with it being Christmas time and burning up Paid time off (PTO). Since a lot of people woot from work, and are not at work, there may be a decline in users.

Or, Christmas time and family in town (or visiting family) so less time to play around on the interwebz,


I got tired of seeing helpful comments deleted by the mods, so I don't bother much anymore.


@ki4rxm: I think there are a ton of reasons. A lot of very active users were alienated in the past few months. Woot flat out told some of them to stop participating in tattles, called others cheaters, and in general have been less responsive to the community. So, the community is leaving or not participating.


We are the silent majority.


@thumperchick: It makes me really sad to hear this. Was it the Amazon takeover that turned the mods evil, you suppose? It's definitely not the holidays that have been responsible for the slowdown. Last year comments were just as prolific in December, if not more so.


@robio: I know your comment was not directed to me, but I have a few thoughts on this. A lot of people blame the woot changes on Amazon. Not true. Amazon bought woot over 2 years ago. The changes since then were sanctioned, if not implemented, by snapster. He was still the CEO until he left. I believe that was June of this year. Whether or not Amazon pressured him to make those changes is a different story. It was done under his reign.

Added note: IMO, deals has always been a step child. Pretty much ignored. And that 'ignoring' is finally coming to roost. It's odd to me that, we the members, are the meat of it & no one listens or cares when suggestions for improvements are made. Prime example: Recurrent requests for a deals FAQ tab. @lichme prepared them on his own. Submitted to TPTB. Still sitting as UNofficial rules over 6 months. Hello??

If you're ignored long enough, you get the hint & move on. It seems there's a movement...


@robio: Amazon didn't do this. The mods aren't evil either. It is an internal policy change that you're seeing in action. It's not just happening here at DW either. Woot isn't really invested in their community, like they once were. They seem to be going in a new direction. @gmwhit is right as well, these changes have all been in the pipeline for at least a year. We'll see what happens when new woot gets to where it's going. Well, some of us will, some will have moved on after feeling abandoned or unappreciated after hundreds of hours of work and invested energy in the community.


Kinda hard to have pages and pages of comments when Pulp Fiction is posted for the 2nd time in a month or another of the same movie is posted time and time again. Are they deals? Yes. However though, what else is left to be said?

Also, the good sites are staying around so there is no need to warn people of a bad site most of the time anymore.


I'll be honest... I spend the majority of my deal-seeking time on Slickdeals. We actually discuss the deals on SD. In my opinion, members of DW are more concerned with reputations than they are in posting and discussing good deals. Also, the format of DW is not really deal oriented. For example, I get customized deal alerts from SD, you can go to a thread and jump to the first unread post, you can send PM's to posters, you can sticky a deal to the top of a category, you can report an issue to the Mods and see their response and you can customize your views. These are things off the top of my head. It really is a fantastic site... they have saved me a TON of money.

I do; however, enjoy ATC.


@missellienc: I was at SD before Woot, then Woot stole me away a year or two ago. Ever so slowly I've been going back to SD, although I never got as much into SD as I have Deals, so we'll see what the future brings.

I agree, SD has saved me tons of money, even more than Woot - it's a different focus of products (generally more for the home rather than tech (that's a definite over-generalization though), and I tend to find products I want there more often than from Deals.