questionswhere is the best place to buy the new google…


Wherever you can get the best price. :)

I ordered mine from Google Play...I had to pay tax and shipping. (they are out of the 16GB model that I ordered). There a few states including mine that are offering a tax free weekend starting tomorrow, that could help with the price if you are in one. (No idea if tax is even charged where you are).


@morriea: 16GB seems to be in stock now.

vote-for1vote-against or your local store, but definately not the scalpers on Ebay or Amazon.

I walked in my local walmart and they were sitting on the shelf for anyone to take home the Jelly Bean goodness for list price of $249

You can check stock on and it will show your local stores that have them sitting on the shelf. It acts like you can do the order online and pickup in local store but it does not let you actually do it. If you really want one and don't want to pay more the the list price I suggest you drive to your local store and walk down the isle in electronics down from the ipads and they are right there for the purchase. Although you will actually have to find store staff to unlock the cabinet and pay for it next.