questionsare you looking forward to all the star wars…


No, just the good ones. But seriously folks... yes, I am hoping for a deal on the blu-ray set... I have been waiting for the price to come down a bit...


From a forum post (the list is available by clicking the bottom link):
I just got my LEGO affiliate update for tomorrow's sale. The following items
will be marked down during the 2 Day LEGO Star Wars offers on May 4th and 5th(or
while supplies last). Of course there is also the free TC-14 minifigure with
orders over $75 and free shipping for orders over $75. I'm sharing this so you
guys know what's coming. For further details please check out
tomorrow morning.


@neopterygii: Holy crap, if that's accurate I need to get up early tomorrow


I havent seen Star Wars ever so, not really caring.


@teenracer6: That sentence makes me sad =(
You should really give it a shot!


No, not really. My answer judge me by do you?


@tossthedice: No time + bored easily + dont like to sit still = Dont try most movies/series.


I agree with @pinchecat: No. IMHO Star Wars has had it's time in the limelight.


@teenracer6: Do what I do, play a gameboy/phone/whatever game while watching it XD

@escriscit I don't judge Yoda by his lack of height, so I won't judge you by your lack of taste either ;) (I kid, I kid <3)


I heard George Lucas has extra Brinks Trucks on call for tomorrow.


Deals?!?! On Star Wars?? I shall be there! Or is it- be there shall I!