questionsdoes anyone else here use clear for their home…


I have clear because you can take it with you. The speed depends on how close you are to their towers. Download speed at home is around 5-7MB/s but the great limit is the upload speed that does not go faster than 1MB/s.


@mybestuser1: Yeah I looked on their coverage map before I ordered and I appear to live pretty close to a few towers. Guess its just not as good around my house.


@miyoshinum5: This has been asked before. The general consensus was that you'd spend your money more wisely with a tin can and a string.

Let's see if I make it back before the 5 minute limit with links...

Not on woot... Still working...

Okay, here's a start:


@miyoshinum5: I also recommend that you look for "clearwire" reviews, and not just "clear" reviews, since that was their previous name. Here's the canonical site for reviews of various services: (That one's for clear/clearwire)

...and my favorite...

The fan site:

(Before I forget, Earthlink's okay. Last time I checked with people I knew that were using it, they were happy enough.)


I can't say this loud enough. Based on my experience you should RUN AWAY FROM CLEAR AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Look here for my experience: