questionsare monoprice hdmi switches compatible with…


Troubleshooting 101 - keep moving stuff until you narrow down the cause!

Is it the cable? swap cables between the xbox (which works) and the ps3 (which twitches)

Is it the port on the switch? swap the ps3 to a different port.

Is it just flat out the ps3? Does it still do the flash thing if it is directly attached?

If you do that and it appears to be a switch issue, I have to say Monoprice has been very good to me over the years. Contact their customer service and see what they say.

Crowdsource over there :o) Leave a product review stating your problem above, and read the reviews from others - maybe someone else has had your problem and found a solution.


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@shawnmiller: this is pretty techy for me, so a lower-level response:

I have this Monoprice 4:1 HDMI switch connected to my living room TV:

Most of the stationary devices are fine because they never move from the entertainment center. I use one port for a HDMI/DVI cable that I connect to my laptop for watching Hulu or whatnot:

Occasionally the picture from my laptop is flickery and inconsistent. It's almost always fixed by wiggling the cord, unplugging & replugging the HDMI end into the switch, repositioning the laptop, and ceasing movement after it's working. I presume I'd have more issues with the rest of the devices if they were moved more often.

I haven't had any issues with device types being plugged in, just took some fiddling to get the initial display, then I stopped touching things.


I have this and its pretty awesome! It routes my media center, xbox 360, and bluray to any tv around the house. Matrix style!


This sort of problem is right up my alley. Unfortunately, I don't have a better answer than to simplify, remove components from the chain, and figure out the cause.

1. PS3 -> TV
2. PS3 -> AVR -> TV
3. PS3 -> MP-Switch -> TV
4. PS3 -> AVR -> MP-Switch -> TV
5. PS3 -> MP-Switch -> AVR -> TV
etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes these problems are also caused by power-on order and context switching. It's all HDCP and PAP (mod edit: profanity). It makes me angry. Not to dilute your thread, but I have problems related to the same (mod edit: profanity) with an HTPC. Eventually I want to have multiple HTPCs and switches that allow me to watch any of my several HTPCs from any TV, anywhere in the house... and it'll never happen because the DRM is too fickle. I'm not ripping open walls and running cat6 just to find out something doesn't work.


Tried every port/cable combo I could think of. When the PlayStation is set to 1080p it simply doesn't work through the HDMI switch, but works when directly connected to the television.

When I set the PlayStation to 480p, 720p, or 1080i it works fine through the HDMI switch.


I am having the same problem with a monoprice 28AWG cable and my ps3. The main thing I notice is the sound going in and out. Even when the game is on pause, you can hear a click in the speakers. I had another 28AWG cable from my Dish receiver that works fine. I switched cables with the same result. I used a different HDMI that I had laying around on the ps3 that worked perfectly. I think it is the 28 gauge wire that is not sufficient to handle the information the ps3 puts out. Monoprice has been great with help and returns. I bought a 24AWG cable that is currently in route. Hopefully this solves the issue.


I have a Monoprice 5312 (4x2 powered HDMI switch) with a Playstation routed through to both an HDTV and a 1080p monitor. For whatever it's worth, this has been my experience:

1) Connected to the HDTV with 6' 24AWG HDMI cables and have no problems.

2) Connected to the 1080p monitor via a series of 24AWG HDMI cables linked through wall ports, etc, total run length probably 27'. The screen flickers when I'm using the main screen (XMB) but does not flicker at all during games or movies. Not sure why this might be. I wonder if the PS3 pushes differing levels of image signal strength based on the current task or something.


P.S. Monoprice has this warning on the page for my switch box:

"NOTE: 24AWG or thicker (lower AWG number) cables are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for best performance. Some devices will require thicker gauge, category 2 cables to work with this switch. For runs up to 15ft, use 24AWG. For runs of 20ft or more, use 22AWG (which is thicker than 24AWG.)"