questionsdoes anyone here play board/strategy games?


I play both. All three of those games you mentioned are awesome games. You should try Samurai Swords, Axis and Allies, Illuminati, and/or Pandemic


My favorite low-tech game is a "real-time" card game called "Falling: Goblin Edition". It takes only a few minutes to play a round and it's very fun and hectic.


Our little group of friends is into both. One of us isn't a huge video gamer but the other three of us are, but we all like board games/card games/etc. We play Cards Against Humanity a lot, but recently we all kind of went on a game buying/gifting binge so we're trying to make time to play Monopoly (Futurama edition), Yahtzee (Futurama edition), Last Night on Earth, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble Slam, and Smart Ass... among a few others we bought ages ago but haven't gotten around to playing yet.

There's a long, long list of others we want to buy, but man, board games are expensive! We Didn't Playtest This At All (which I can't ever seem to catch when it's in stock), Quarriors, Ticket to Ride...


Diplomacy: Favorite board game of the Kennedy Administration.

If you haven't threatened your friends personally by the end of one of those games you're playing it wrong.


I play video games, but I also play board games if I have other people to play with. Most of my friends are busy like me, and having a few hours to sit down and play a board game doesn't always happen.

I've got a pretty decent collection, but none of the strategy type games, I tried learning to play Catan online and failed :(


@luvche21: I've wanted to try that one out since I saw it on TableTop. ( It does look really cool.

I have a group of friends that gets together once or twice a month for table top games. We've got a game afternoon scheduled for today in fact. We play a lot of the games mentioned and have a lot of new ones to play thanks to getting more games for Christmas gifts. I got Forbidden Island and a card game called 99. Some of my friends got Dominion, Power Grid, Arkam Horror and a bunch of others.


Some of my favorite games are still board games!



Illuminati (saw it above, played FOREVER ago.....SUCH a great game!!)

Finding others to play is tough, though. :-(


If you are looking for a great place to check out games, has a ton of reviews and how to play videos. BGG's interface is a bit clunky IMO, but once you get a feel for it, the content/community is solid.


Check out Race for the Galaxy! I got it for Christmas and it's a blast. The rulebook is a little weird so I recommend checking out tutorials on youtube to clear up any questions you have.
Edited to add: Also I second checking out Dominion.


I am a confessed "board game geek." As was already suggested, that is the site to check out. So many board games out there!

My current favorites are:

Settlers of Catan (will always be my favorite)
Stone Age
Small World
Puerto Rico
7 Wonders

I enjoy a video game every now and then -- just played some NHL10 last night -- but I would much rather play a board game.


We actually had our local board game night last night, and about 50 people attended. As to current favorites/ ones that everyone should try at least once:
(in no particular order)
Cards against Humanity
Ikusa (aka Shogun aka Samurai Swords)
Level 7
Spot it (I know it is a kid's game, but it really is fun)

@luvche21 Tsuro is really fun, have you tried the new version Tsuro: Master of the Sea? it is even more interesting to play. Same basic rules but a new twist is added to the gameplay.


@pitamuffin: I will second Small World and 7 Wonders. 7 Wonders is my favorite. Quick games, flexible amount of players and constant engagement. And it has expansions to give more depth. Easy set up and tear down as well, so you can always squeeze it in.

I did a lot more RPGs back in the day, but gone are the days when I can play GURPS for 8 hours straight. If you need excellent games that you can finish in under an hour then I'd definitely recommend one of the two above.


Settlers of Catan and Risk are my two favorite strategy board games. Haven't had a chance to try out Risk Legacy yet. I think I'll try out Diplomacy thanks to @figgers3036


I love:

Cards Against Humanity
7 Wonders
Risk: Legacy (Awesome game)

I have way more, those are just the ones I can remember. I'm kind of obsessed with board games =D


We'll have friends over and sometimes play classic board games.


My friends and I just had a board games/fondue party last night. We've played a lot of games but the favorites that seem to keep coming out are:
Power Grid (or "Funkenschlag" if you're us)
Chez Geek


Love board and strategy games! Got back into them a couple years ago and have been building up a collection ever since. :) (Also throwing a game night of my own soon!)


Also I am fond of strategy games, that's why I recommend some games I've played these days, Wasteland Siege, Earth Taken 3, Special Strike Dust 2 Remastered.
perhaps the last game is more interesting because it is also a multiplayer game. I have played these games here I had a lot of fun.