questionswant to see my bag of crap from @cowboydann? or…


Starting from the top left. We have, The Bag x2, (which while it might look woot inspired with the ! logo was actually from a liquor store where we picked up some drinks before hand) A USB cup warmer with cup, Arnold Palmer Half and Half (which I drank for breakfast, Audible Ale, (Which stayed in the hotel room since it was not a twist top) a bottle of Shock Top (which I drank shortly after this picture) Volcano Girls x2 (which is an indie comic that you can learn more about at NSFW NSFW A Woot Monkey with cape, Bandaids x3. Next to that are two things we got later from Santa Monica pier, a pressed penny that has a guy surfing on it and says Santa Monica, and a Zoltar speaks Fortune, and finally 1/4' x 50' rope, that I didn't realize until much later would probably be a no no on the plane. I was going to leave it with the Audible ale for housekeeping but decided that I didn't want any crazy stories like this getting back to my work.


I was going to carry my bag on but the rope would never make it past security so I decided to check my bag instead and it promptly got searched. I can only imagine what the poor TSA agent who got my bag thought.

oh and also @Captainsuperdawg was hiding in the bushes watching the crap get handed out apparently. Or so he says.


Gotta love Bevmo!

Thanks for hanging out gideon, you gotta stay longer next time and bring the old shoe. I'll take you to better places next time I promise :P Always nice to meet woot friends, I think this makes like 8 now. excluding wootemployees of course. Pretty sure @captainsuperdawg was that skunk we saw rollin around in the grass. It definitely smelled like CSD at least.


That's some great crap ! I bet you made the TSA officer's day. Did they steal your monkey ? They must of been jealous of that.
Although, they have probably seen it all by now.
Sounds like you guys had a good time !


@gideonfrost: About that rope... I have friends for whom a 50' length of rope would be the least odd item in their gear. The standard explanation: "Oh, those? Theater props. I'm on my way to a perform in a theater group."

So far, so good, they report.


Great crap, but I'm more excited about the opportunity for Wootizens to actually meet in person! Thanks for sharing!


Charlie Bronson's always got rope...

Right on for getting to hang out with fellow wooters - especially enthusiastically awesome ones like @Cowboydann. I'm jealous. Don't sweat the TSA - your rope is the least of their worries. What you should worry about is the fact that they never change their gloves. So whatever battery operated gadget they picked up to instagram as a joke - that's now all over your clothes. You're welcome for the mental image. :D